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Re: sts-93 contact

 >From a personal conversation that is starting to sound like the group at
large should hear it:

At 12:38 PM 8/4/99 -0400, Miles Mann wrote:
 >i tried it with a yeasu 736, knwood tm-v7a and a tm-733, it did not work.

very interesting .. it's probably a software problem having to do with
computing the right VCO control voltages.  Possibly lazy programmers?  ;-)
So they refuse to store the right split when you're programming the memory
channel, or is it some other problem when you try to use it?  Anyone else
have this problem?

I had thought the TM-V7A would be able to handle this, since the TH-79A
doesn't have a problem with it .. I'd be interested to see if the newer
Yaesu mobiles (e.g. FT-8100R, FT-90R, FT-100) would be able to overcome
this problem.

Maybe ARISS should be advised about this, since a lot of the people talking
to manned space stations seem to be using mobiles.  I'd definitely get a
bunch of people together and start nagging Kenwood, Yaesu, and Icom about a
firmware upgrade for the radios that have this split problem -- VFO step
shouldn't affect TX/RX split programming, just as a general design rule.
If it does, that's probably a sign that firmware programming shortcuts have
been made, to get by with a smaller microcontroller or whatever .. and I
naively thought our modern radios had more brains than that .. ;-)  73
y'all -- KD5BIV

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