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Re: Has *anybody* in the US worked STS-93?

Hi all.

I just want to point out that the Harbor View Elementary contact involved a
bridge to a point outside of the USA, in VK land.  So the RF link to the
shuttle was by ham radio but not originating at the school.  So, was there a
contact? Yes.  But technically, I wouldn't call this a contact from the USA.
W5RRR (Johnson Space Center) did make part of the SAREX contact to MIR last
night but they made the link to MIR and the connection to STS93 was by
'commercial circuits.'

Martin Ronney, WB6YMI

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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 0:16
Subject: Re: [sarex] Has *anybody* in the US worked STS-93?

>Harbor View Elementary School in Corona Del Mar, California, successfully
>worked STS-93 today. Out of ten questions, put forward by students, eight
>were answered by the astronauts. The callsign used was WB6NUD, who was my
>philosophy instructor in college. I was there as his assistant.
>Thanks to Will (KC6ROL), and others at AMSAT and NASA... the students had
>a very exciting event. I was proud to be a part of it.
>Best Wishes,
>William A. Wetzel
>Bruce Kille wrote:
>> Has anybody worked the current SAREX mission in any mode???
>> I know they had some problems getting setup, but know they have
>> made at least one school contact OK.  The fact sheet said the crew
>> wanted to do voice during their awake time, which happens to be
>> when the track is good over the US, but havent heard anything at
>> all today.  What I really wonder is if they are too busy to do voice
>> why they dont leave the packet robot up as on previous missions.
>> I know SAREX is a secondary payload, but this is the *last* one!
>> If anybody at NASA is reading the mail, ask Eileen to turn on the
>> packet box if they dont have time for voice.  Thanks.  :-)
>> QRV & 73,
>> Bruce WA4JAV
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