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MIR Leaking air

 This is not the "BIG" problem knw - as there is a air leak on MIR

 This was the reason why the crew was moving the eqm to the main core
as there going to shut off the other modl's

From: 	Dennis Driscoll
Sent: 	Saturday, July 10, 1999 7:38 AM
To: 	Dr Dave Larsen [ PhD ]; 'sarex@amsat.org'
Subject: 	Re: [sarex] MIR's TNC update.

Waiting for the arrival of a new cable might take longer than usual.
Today's Boston Globe reports that Kazakhstan has banned all launches from
the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the Russian's chief launch site, in the wake of
booster rocket explosion at that site on Monday.  Russian officials are now
concerned about Wednesday's scheduled launch of a supply ship for Mir.  The
Mir crew will be forced to abandon the station July 17 if they do not
receive the supplies.  The supply ship was scheduled to carry food, water,
and a new navigation system to guide Mir's descent to Earth.

The text of the article can be accessed via:


Dennis, N1RDN

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