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STS-93 SAREX page ready for use

The official STS-93 SAREX web page at
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~kc6rol/sts93.html is ready for use.  Please
send any comments for improvements or errors detected to me.  

The crew mentioned SAREX several times during their pre-flight briefing
with the media.  It sounds like they will want to do lots of voice
contacts on this mission.

The packet rig is flying and we are encouraging people to try APRS as
well as connecting to the packet robot.  Please read the operating
instructions on the web page before trying to work SAREX on STS-93.

Another new thing about this mission.  We are publishing the times and
downlink frequencies for the school contacts so that you can listen in
to the astronaut side of the contact.  

Have fun working SAREX on STS-93!
Will Marchant, KC6ROL
AMSAT-NA SAREX Operations Manager
kc6rol@amsat.org		http://www.citizen.infi.net/~wmarchan/
marchant@ssl.berkeley.edu	http://chips.ssl.berkeley.edu/
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