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Re: BBS's versus DIGIPEATERS in space

European pass with 33 stations trying to log on (280 DM frames (80%))
> > BBS:   330 packets to transfer 27 useful lines of text = 8%   effeciency
> > CNCT:   17 packets to transfer  1 useful line  of text = 6%   effeciency
> > UI:      2 packets to transfer  2 useful lines of text = 100% effeciency

Today I decided to see the statistics for a USA pass.  Here are two of
them as received on my omni antenna (thus fewer total packets compared to
the file received by a tracking antenna in Europe above).

USA PASS1 with 15 users.  4 trying to use BBS (15 DM frames 15%)
    The others were  using UI frames.
    BBS:   54 pkts to transfer 10 useful lines of text = 18%
    CNCT:  None seen
    UI:    31 packets conveyed 26 useful text lines    = 84%

USA PASS2 with 16 users.  4 trying to use BBS (23 DM frames (15%)
    others were using UI frames.
    BBS:   98 pkts to convey 18 useful lines of text   = 18%
    CNCT:  29 pkts to convey 1 text line               =  3%
    UI:    28 pkts to convey 26 useful lines or text   = 93%

Yes, the USA passes had half the number of users but only 1/4th of them
were trying to use the BBS.  THe other 3/4ths were having a good time
communicating with UI frames with everyone being successful!  All this
while the connected BBS users were ALSO successful!

Notice how much more successful the BBS users were, since the BBS was
not busy responding to an infinite supply of CONNECT-REQUESTS and sending
BUSY Frames.

This analysis does not attempt to draw any conclusions about the different
operating methods in the USA versus Europe other than the fact that
everyone agrees that the majority of the congestion is due to
CONNECT-REQUESTS/BUSY-DISCONNECT packets which convey no useful info.

By the way, the 15/16 users and 4/4 BBS users per pass were all different
calls except for 3 of the UI stations (I was one of them).  THus, in two
passes there were 4 successful loggons out of 8 stations trying and 21
other stations communicated via UI's total.  Or somethig like that.

de WB4APR, Bob

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