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Mir ARS Status April 30, 1999, School Skd

Mir Amateur Radio Status: April 30, 1999

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

Mir School Schedules:
The crew of the Russian Space Station Mir, has had some free time to run a
School schedule this week.  The students at the White City High School in
Canada had the opportunity to talk to all three members of the Mir Space
Station on
April 30, 1999 (French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere, Viktor Afanasyev and
 Sergei Avdeyev).
 The students asked a variety of questions in multiple languages (Russian,
French and
English).  At the end of the Question/Answer time, the Mir crew then sent
the Students
 an SSTV image of the Mir crew.  The Crew had so much fun, they asked if
they could
come back on the next orbit and talk some more.  The children were more
than happy
oblige and did participate in two consecutive orbits.

I would like to thank all of the people who help out with another
successful MAREX-NA
Mir School schedule:
Dave Hendrick N1PPP,  coordination and training
The MAREX-NA team,
The engineers at MAREX-Russia, scheduling
The MIREX team, Dave Larsen N6CO for packet Message support
And all of the people at the White City High school and DCI for all their
hard work in
setting up the radio station.

As time permits the MAREX-NA team has been granted permission to runs
school schedules
with the crews on Mir. All schedules are arranged months in advance with
the engineers
at Energia in Russia.

The school received a temporary  Third-Party traffic waver and were allowed
 to have
a few non-licensed Russian students conduct part of the radio schedule in
The crew enjoyed the schedule so much, they came back for seconds on the
next pass.

Future Schedules:
Over the next few months school schedules with Mir are planned with the
following countries,
USA and Australia.  Due to the limited volunteer staff of MAREX-NA and that
 we do not
have a budget, were are not actively looking for new schools.  We have a
large back log of
existing schools, enough to keep us busy for the rest of the year (1999).
MAREX-NA has been running school schedules with Mir since September 1991,
and has
participated in over 70 Mir school schedules world wide and more are
for the future.

Third Party Traffic:
At the present time the laws of the USA and other countries severely limits
 access to
the Mir station and ISS.  Most countries will only allows a licensed ground
 station to
talk to another
licensed station.  We can only hope that the laws will be updated to allow
control operators to handle Third-Party-Traffic with ISS and Mir in the

SSTV Update from Mir crew:
The Mir crew Activated the SSTV system on April 30th for a few passes.
During the pass
at 14:00 UTC the power to the camera was turned off, so we did not get
pictures until
around 15:00 UTC

Current Mir Crew Members:
The current Mir crew consists of :
French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere, Viktor Afanasyev and Cosmonaut
Sergei Avdeyev

Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev arrived  on Mir via Soyuz TM-28.  Sergei mission
August 16 1998, and is expected to last  until August 1999.
French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere, Viktor Afanasyev arrived on Mir via
TM-29 in February 20, 1999.  Their mission is expected to last until August

The next Mir crew is expected to arrive at the Mir Space Station in August
One of the crew members will be Alexander Kaleri.  I had the opportunity to
Alexander Kaleri last summer when I trained several of the cosmonauts on
the use and
installation of the MAREX-NA SSTV system.  There is another SSTV training
planned for the next Mir crew some time in May.  The engineers at Energia
are going
 to attempt to schedule the ground training to coincide with an overhead
Mir Orbit.
This will allow the Mir crew to send sample images directly to the ground
crew during their SSTV class.

PMS Status (Personal Message System):
The PMS activity was a little intermittent last week.

MAREX-NA Web Page:
For more information about MAREX-NA and out past, present and future
project, please visit
our new home page:

Tracking Mir:
For current tracking data, try the CelesTrak web page at

Copyright 1999 Miles Mann, All Rights Reserved.  This document may be
freely distributed
 via the following means - Email (including listservers), Usenet, and
It may not be reproduced for profit including, but not limited to, CD ROMs,
 and/or other commercial outlets without prior written consent from the
Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space Station
Mir are
considered public domain and may be freely distributed, without prior

Miles WF1F

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