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Re: RS-19 - Swatch backing out

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:29:00 -0400 "Greene, Peter "
<Peter.Greene@ccmail.l-3com.com> writes:
>Now Swatch is "transmitting" its messages on their web site instead of 
>the 2m band.  Sounds like they found a way of backing out while saving 
>They add the following dig at (presumably) we hams:
>"There has been a lack of understanding between us and some of you 
>been very aggressive regarding the transmission of these messages. It 
>was a real shame!"
>Pete, N2LVI

Doesn't that fall in the order.... "Give them a inch and they take a
We have a hard enough time keeping non-licensed HAMS off the radio. The
only difference is we can ignore those who wish to transmit... though its
hard to ignore a ADvertisement that is repeated and such... if we allowed
(like we have a say in this) this Swatch thing to happen the SAT section
would be filled with these causing intermod and interfering with us try
to chase other sats. and I thought we were primamry on the 144-148
band... I think we take secondary on the 900MHz.... atleast I do.. if I
hear something up there.. I move to keep from interfering.
Though this is just my rambling...and not all here might be a fact...
KC5LOS - EM16                                                         

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