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RS-19 - Swatch backing out

This is from the Swatch web site (http://www.swatch.com/):

"On April 16th, the Russian Space Program and Swatch were to launch the 
satellite "beatnik" in orbit with the capability of sending voice and 
text messages from people all around the world. 

"Unfortunately, the Russian transmission 'Gelios,' a key link with the 
MIR space station, was severely damaged a few days ago.  This has 
created a situation of uncertainty and made communications to the MIR 

"Swatch has decided to donate the batteries supporting the beatnik 
satellite to the MIR cosmonauts who will be using them to run the 
printer onboard which is the lifeline to earth through which the 
cosmonauts receive their daily instructions and key operations points."

Now Swatch is "transmitting" its messages on their web site instead of 
the 2m band.  Sounds like they found a way of backing out while saving 

They add the following dig at (presumably) we hams:

"There has been a lack of understanding between us and some of you have 
been very aggressive regarding the transmission of these messages. It 
was a real shame!"

Pete, N2LVI
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