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Re: RS 19

The SWATCH company has a site were you can drop voice and/or text =
messages to be broadcasted at the new sputinik, and they tell to =
everybody that the messages will be broadcasted at the 144 mhz band. We =
have enough pirates and other non-licensed operators on the band and we =
do NOT need more people using our band for commercial purpouses!
Pl=EDnio Romitto Jr.
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    De: Dwain Andras <dandras@cajunnet.com>
    Para: sarex@AMSAT.Org <sarex@AMSAT.Org>
    Data: Quarta-feira, 14 de Abril de 1999 20:51
    Assunto: [sarex] RS 19=20
    Calling all radio amateurs:
    I am very concerned about the content of the messages to be =
brodcasted from the RS-19 "Mini-Sputnik" satellite. I seen other =
amateur's raise questions in this forum about the commercial messages to =
be brodcasted through the satellite on the amateur 2m band. I have seen =
a reply by Mr. Miles Mann to subdue the discussion about this =
development while clarifications were made.  I have not seen any =
clarifications on the issue discussed here.
    I urge all amateurs to read the news letters at the following URL's =
by the ARRL on the subject.
    Another site dedicated to uncovering the truth on this issue is as =
    If you read the very FFC Rules that we are bound by,  I think one =
can come to the right conclusion!

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