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Re: Future of Amateur Radio in Space

Yes, Rip, the plans for ISS include simple systems as well as more advanced
systems.  That includes having multiple types of beacons available on every orbit
pass.  The material that was briefed to ISS management, and resulted in allocation
of significant resources on ISS, is summarized at
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~ariss/objectives.html.  We told ISS management that the
plans would include 2m capability for digital and voice beacons, digital QSOs, and
voice QSOs specifically to allow schools and beginners to access ISS.

Rip Smith wrote:

> As Amateur Radio projects for the ISS move forward, it is extremely
> important that there be at least some components of the program that are
> accessible to beginners and others who do not have the ability to set up a
> "big station".

Will Marchant
kc6rol@amsat.org http://www.citizen.infi.net/~wmarchan/

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