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Re: How to fix ISS

Date sent:      	Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:36:45 -0500
To:             	sarex@AMSAT.Org
From:           	Richard Leon <ka1rhl@AMSAT.Org>
Subject:        	[sarex] Re: How to fix ISS

I did not read "How To Fix ISS". Whether written by me or Mr. Mann, it is 
nothing but opinion, voiced by a minor wheel in the scheme of things. That Mr. 
Mann is involved in making a popular amateur resource more popular, I commend 
him. That Mr Leon works on the Phase 3 project, I commend him.  

Mr. Mann's association with a current successful project in no way diminishes 
the efforts and accomplishments of those associated with the Phase 3 project. 
Logic and the "real world" make that apparent to all but the broken. Hopefully, 
Phase 3, when deployed, will be more successful than the Mir projects. That it 
is not as successful, at the moment, is no fault of Mr. Mann or the Marex team. 

I hope Mr. Mann is "Mann" enough to find it unnecessary to apologize for the 
success of the project he is associated with, or his voiced recognition of that 
fact. I do not view the success, voiced or actual, of the Mir projects, as a 
slight of past, current or future amateur satellite projects and their 
creators. No apology is necessary for success.    

I do view Mr. Leon's response as an adolescent reaction of a pricked ego.  


It was said, with much snippage:      

> May I thank you sincerely, for diminishing my efforts on the Phase 3D
> Amateur Radio Satellite.  Until you set me straight, I had labored under
> the mistaken notion that my work and that of many others was important to
> the Amateur community. 

> Richard Leon


  The meek will not inherit the Earth. 
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