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Re: How to fix ISS

 Dear Mr. Mann

With some measure of interest I read your recent posting, 'How To Fix ISS'.
 In particular, I was impressed with the description of your organization's

" MAREX-North America
Responsible for making the MIR Amateur Radio Satellite project the most
popular Amateur Radio Satellite in the world.  More popular and successful
than all other Amateur Radio satellites ever flown. "

May I thank you sincerely, for diminishing my efforts on the Phase 3D
Amateur Radio Satellite.  Until you set me straight, I had labored under
the mistaken notion that my work and that of many others was important to
the Amateur community. 

With all due respect Mr. Mann, you owe a meaningful apology to everyone who
has ever contributed to an Amateur Radio Satellite extending back some 37
years to Oscar One. Sadly, I don't expect you to be 'Mann' enough to do it.

Richard Leon

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