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Re: Antenna for Mir SSTV RX

At 10:25 AM 1/25/99 -0600, hasan schiers wrote:
>I'm using a dual band mag mount (2 & 70cm) on a cookie sheet on my back
>deck. I get at least 3 good pix per pass. I have used both WinPix32 and
>mostly Chromapix lately. Signals are mostly above S7 on my FT-847. Parts of
>many passes are very poor, most of the pass is quite good, signals S9+.

Just wanted to emphasize that a good ground plane is essential -- an
aluminum cookie sheet will help considerably, as would copper if you could
afford it.  (hah! ;-)  Galvanized steel would probably be OK since the
conductivity isn't really a big issue, and a magmount would definitely
stick to it better.  Make it large though -- you want to raise the pattern
angle as much as possible to reduce the "cone of silence" overhead.  If you
live on conductive ground, mount the antenna as low as you can without
suffering from tree or terrain atteuation ..

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