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It once was Simple

        I am not a ham anymore and was thinking about getting
back into the "hobby". A friend of mine said to sign up to get
this mailing list to see what was going on in the hobby these
days, I have been reading the SAREX List for some time now.
I should give you a little background, I was first licensed
in '64, yes back in the AM days, only rig I had did not have
an SSB switch, so had to slope detect with my BFO. I was not
too happy with the SSB guys, to me they all sounded like
donald duck. Heathkit came out with some nice rigs for SSB,
so I bought one and put it together (YES, built it). I got
into RTTY and again had to upgrade my equipment, repeaters
(FM) started to come out, what was I going to do, only had a
xtal rig (Heathkit Twoer), then a Swan 2 meter rig (also with
xtal's), I guess the main point I am trying to make is, when
I hear that some of you'all do not have 70 cm's, would it not
be a ham's way of doing things to LEARN how to copy this signal
on 70 cm's? Have we forgotten how to build and to experiment,
to LEARN new ways of doing things? I can not say when this way
of thinking stoped, guess I am an old die-hard as I am
learning the code again to pass my 5 WPM test. Maybe the FCC
made it too easy to get a ham license these days.

        I took a hard look at what Bill - WA6TIF had to say,
you can tell he has been around for a few years. I took a look
at what Dave - N6CO had to say, hard to tell with these new
calls how long he has been around, but if what he is saying is
true, he has a point. I then looked at what SAFEX(?) had to say
and they said in their message that there was a contract with
Russia and this contract was not adhered to by Mr. Mann (WF1F).
I would think SAFEX would be the best hams to test their own
system. Not someone that would have a gain in making it not
work. This would be like giving the fox the key to the hen
house lock.

        I have to say, I did not even know what doppler
was, so I had to get a book and read about it, yes I can see
were it might be a little harder to copy a signal on 70 cm's,
I then thought, if I hold back on buying a new laptop I can
get the equipment to be able to not only see SSTV, but other
satellites as well. Since I dropped out of ham radio in '68
(forgot to send in my 610 form) things have changed a whole
lot. From what I read on this list from Miles, the SSTV is in
downlink mode 99% of the time and what I read it's a lot easier
to RX when having to deal with doppler than to have to TX & RX
at the same time, thus to put packet on 70 cm's would be
harder. Did I read the book right on this one?

        Mr. Mann's message about Amsat, I was confused about,
If I was a member and did not like what was going on I would
vote this person not to hold office next term. It would seem
that in Mr. Mann's case, it's a lot easier to "cry wolf" than
to state the facts. The "little people" put the BIG people
into office. It would seem that almost all the responses back
do not care about facts only that what has this hobby given
to me TODAY. I got to thinking, this sorta reminds me of the
"O.J." trial in the USA, there were a LOT of facts, but it
did not matter in the end.

        I Know in my company we work as a team, if one person
helps the company get ahead, we ALL get ahead. To have one
person not be a team "player" brings down everything we have
worked for. I hope today's hams have not forgotten what ham
radio started out to be. I guess we can all be glad there are
still freq's to "fight" about, from what I have read a LOT of
countries are selling them. I work for a small company
(2500 employees) and we do business with Russia or should I say
TRY too. This is a very different culture and the ways of doing
business is a lot different than anywhere else we have had to
compete for business. Reading most of the mail on this list,
must be coming from people that have never been involved with
trying to get even one thing done in a company - how many times
have you seen were everyone has agreed on everything that was
put forth, EVEN raises for everyone - the share holders would
say NO. Contracts - in Russia these are like toilet paper - who
ever has the most money will get the contract, there is no code
of ethics like here in the USA. The company that has 50,000
employees and has big money also gets a contract signed. The
difference is the contract signed by the Russian official is a
lot higher up for the company that has more money and the
company I work for with there contract is not worth the paper
it is signed on. Where is this contract my company had signed
(worth 3 mil)? If you said the bathroom you guessed right.
It's in a Wal Mart frame. I was looking at freq band plan for
the USA and then looked at other countries. THEY ARE ALL
DIFFERENT. I have to look at who in the USA has had more
dealings in trying to make things work ... Mr Mann .. NASA ..
I think NASA. This I would think takes a LOT of work to try
and pull together all the countries to come together as ONE.

        In closing - I have logged into Mr. Mann's WEB site and
I have NOT seen any contracts signed by Russia - WAKE UP Mr.
Mann! Do not be lead down the rosy path by verbal arguments
EVEN if, as you wrote, "I went there and did this and that"
as it does NOT mean anything, take it from me and what happened
to the company I work for. Will I get my ham ticket, YES. Will
I try and work ISS, YES. Will there always be people like Mr.
Mann, YES. Will there be people that try and bring others
together for the good of all others, YES. In 2 years will "we"
still remember what has been typed about on SAREX list -
probably not as if you'all look back at what Mr. Mann said one
year ago when he was in MIREX and what he says now it's all
changed. I do not see this with the SWG or ARISS. Try and not
get caught up and take a look at everything. Maybe it takes
people like myself that have not been involved with ham radio
for a while to see the WHOLE picture.

Bob Bryon

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