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You are the FIRST one to hit the nail on the head!

I now know that there is intellegent life here on earth!

73, Scott

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 06:53:24 PST "Wouff Hong" <the73om@hotmail.com>
>        Excuse me, did someone say God's real name
>was Miles Mann? We have at least 8 countries agreeing
>on how to proceed with ham radio on ISS, so what
>makes Mr. Mann think he alone has the "real" solutions
>to all the problems? Yeah, we all hate beaurocracy,
>and we'd all like to see our own little project fly,
>but it takes more than blabbing on the net or greasing
>palms in Russia; that is, to do it right. We're not
>building ISS, or for that matter any space program,
>because one person dictates what's to be done. It's
>ALWAYS a team effort, with LOTS of comprimises. You
>either go with the system and influence the design
>where you can, or you stand by and do nothing but
>complain about it all.
>        'Nuff said.
>73, T.O.M.

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