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Ya know....Re: ISS

I've been on this mailing list ofr abot a month now and, as a person who
signed up to be kept up to date on satelite inf and the shuttle radio
projects, I'm getting to the point that I have to speak.
If this type of sillyness is going to continue I'm going to drop this
mailing list. I was under the belief that this was to be an informational
mailing list and it's not living up to what it was descriped as. This is
looking more like a unmoderated newsgroup, (except all I have to do is hit
u to unsubscribe)

If people are goind to keep going back a forth it this flamewar pleas,
please have the intelligence and act like logical people that have
ham tickets and EMAIL THE SPECIFIC PEOPLE and not the mailing list. I'm
pulling in over 20 messages a day of worthless garbage because someone
needs their diaper changed. 

I'm sorry to add one email to everyone elses email box but this is the
kinds stuff I remember from the old days of the FIDONETS... 

It's just getting tiresome...
and as a new member I'm not impressed at anything that has been sent yet
over the past several weeks, I thought this would be an interesting
mailing list with useful info that would keep me updated on satellites,
and as a public school teacher (who wanted to bring the fascination of
amm. radio and
talking to people in space) I'm thinking this (the only source of updated
info that I can get automaticaly) is going to be a wast of my time and
just loosing contact with a wonderful educational opportunity, and it
would be sad that the arguing of adullts who are supposedly interested and
desirous of these types of subjects, you will soon be causeing me to drop
the mailing list and thus excluding every student who might be interested
in this project that I ever teach from having a teacher that can open the
door to them the wonders of human exploration and the space program.

It would surely be sad, recently I made my first contact with AO-27, it
was fascinating, and I have several students (and teachers) who have
gotten excited about the idea of fun communication and space.  This could
be such a great resource to educators who will be teaching the students
who will be taking us technologically int o our future.  
How many of you would be in the technical careers or have the intrest in
these types of projects if it were not for a teacher or someone who
sparked your intrest?

Drop this "contraversy" please and let's use this wonderful technology to
do what it was intended to do!  Enjoy a hobby, and do things that are
interesting, and people are fascinated in!

Take the "arguing" to personal emails, and think what impact your flamewar
will have on the number of interested people on this list.

as a physics teacher, THIS is why people in our society become technically
illiterate, you might as well be screaming about politics.

Please act like adults, I have seen middle school students who would find
this behavior embarassing!

Glenn Bock
Physics Teacher
Hoping to use this tool as a method of creating intrest in Space,
Technology and Physics, but at present thinking that this newsgroup and
the SAREX/SAFEX/MIREX many not be it...


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