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Re: ISS, from Marex-na

See comments below:

Excuse me, did someone say God's real name
was Miles Mann? We have at least 8 countries agreeing
on how to proceed with ham radio on ISS, so what
makes Mr. Mann think he alone has the "real" solutions
to all the problems? Yeah, we all hate beaurocracy,
and we'd all like to see our own little project fly,
but it takes more than blabbing on the net or greasing
palms in Russia; that is, to do it right. We're not
building ISS, or for that matter any space program,
because one person dictates what's to be done. It's
ALWAYS a team effort, with LOTS of compromises. You
either go with the system and influence the design
where you can, or you stand by and do nothing but
complain about it all.

        'Nuff said.

73, T.O.M.

Dear T.O.M

I am glad you brought up the topic about the 8 country ARISS MOU Agreement.
There is a little miss understanding about the 8 countries who signed the
ARISS MOU agreement.
Out of the 8 countries which were represented during the first ARISS
meeting in
November 1997, only two (2) of the representatives were from official Space
Agencies (NASA and Energia).
The representatives from the other 6 countries were all representative of
AMSAT Divisions.
They were not official representatives of their countries Space Agency!
It is time to set the record straight and clear up this deception.

(see the ARISS web page http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~ariss/partmtg.html)

Representatives of AMSAT Divisions and related clubs who signed the ARISS
Canada: James Ken Pulfer,VE3PU, IARU representative
France: Bernard Pidoux, F6VBP, AMSAT representative (audio-teleconferenced
Germany: Thomas Kieselbach, DL2MDE, IARU and AMSAT representative (DARC &
Great Britain: Ron Broadbent, G3AAJ, IARU and AMSAT representative (RSGB &
Italy: Fabrizio Bernardini, I0QIT, AMSAT representative (AMSAT Italia)
Japan: Masanobu Tsuji, JH2PRZ, AMSAT representative (JAMSAT)

Official Space Agency representation:
Russia: Sergei Samburov, RV3DR, IARU representative (SRR & also from
US: Matt Bordelon, KC5BTL, SAREX Principal Investigator at Johnson Space

The only two signatures that really carry any weight are the signatures of
Matt Bordelon of NASA
and Sergei Samburov of Russian Energia.

NASA has placed ARISS project on a scale of importance.  The ARISS project
is so important, that there
were No antenna ports allocated for any of the Amateur Radio projects on
the American modules of

Energia signed the MOU as an agreement to work together to further the
educational potential of Amateur Radio programs.  Energia did not give
ARISS the Right to Run the International Space Station.
Energia built in 6 antenna ports which can be used for Amateur Radio
Energia wants to keep space open and free to the world.  They have asked me
to help set up a world
wide competition to select the best projects the world has to offer for
Unfortunately, due to limited resources and harassment from ARISS, we have
not been able to fully
implement all of the wishes proposed by Energia at this time.

Lets hope the other clubs will realize the importance of working together
to improve the world
for everyone.


Miles Mann MAREX-NA

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