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Re: Re: Reminder: This is a hobby

If Amateur Radio is a "hobby" then why do I have a license?  Just buy a box and
start yelling.

kd2bd@atc106.ml.org wrote:

> > Reminder:  Ham Radio is a hobby.  It is supposed to be fun.  Something that
> > I forget if I read too many doom and gloom editorials and too many flame
> > wars.  There are some great people on the air and there are some really fun
> > things to do, so do something fun, I'm going to!
> Reminder:  Amateur Radio is a SERVICE -- something I forget when it is
> trivialized to the level of a hobby by the media, the commercial radio
> services, or even by some who hold Amateur Radio licenses.  The Amateur
> Radio Service doesn't have to be fun unless pleasure is somehow obtained
> through upholding its basis and purpose and engaging in activities such
> as serving the public, contributing to the advancement of the radio art,
> or enhancing international goodwill.
> Operations that violate international agreements do not enhance goodwill
> among nations.  They destroy it.  This isn't doom and gloom.  This is
> reality.
> If the Amateur Radio Service is mearly a "hobby", then why does it
> monopolize spectrum worth billions of dollars?  Just so a small minority
> of the population can have fun?  If so, then that's all the more reason
> to have it taken away, sold the highest bidder, and put to "serious" use.
> I can't speak for SAREX or the hard working volunteers who have designed
> and built communication satellites for Amateur Radio use, but I have a
> funny feeling that they have all worked their ASSES off in building the
> Amateur Space Program up to where it is today.  I can't think of a greater
> insult than trivializing their efforts and reducing what the Amateur Radio
> Service has accomplished throughout its history and contributed to society
> to the level of a "hobby".
> 73, de John, KD2BD
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