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        Excuse me, did someone say God's real name
was Miles Mann? We have at least 8 countries agreeing
on how to proceed with ham radio on ISS, so what
makes Mr. Mann think he alone has the "real" solutions
to all the problems? Yeah, we all hate beaurocracy,
and we'd all like to see our own little project fly,
but it takes more than blabbing on the net or greasing
palms in Russia; that is, to do it right. We're not
building ISS, or for that matter any space program,
because one person dictates what's to be done. It's
ALWAYS a team effort, with LOTS of comprimises. You
either go with the system and influence the design
where you can, or you stand by and do nothing but
complain about it all.

        'Nuff said.

73, T.O.M.

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