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Hi Space fans

(I said to my self I wasn't going to get involved on this "war"
but here I am!)

First, mainly to recent subscriber's of this list, let me say 
this SAREX/SAFEX/MAREX "fight" it isn't a new problem. 
In fact it's quite a long story!

Almost since the beggining of human amateur radio in space
there have been problems to allocate a proper 2m frequency.
This "dispute" was mainly beetween Germany (probably the
most crowded 2m band in the world) and USA. As far as I know,
an agreement was never reached and the question is "forgoten"
(mostly because there wasn't any SAREX mission in 1 1/2 year).
On another hand, a solution was agreed regarding MIR.
The long time "MIR call" channel (145.550) was replaced by 
a split combination (145.800/145.200). That solved the band 
plan question, but only for a while. Things never were the 
same since MIR moved to 145.985...

Why am I telling you this? Because, in order to understand 
today's problem you have to go back when it started!

Also to say to people that didn't understand it yet, 
(and IMHO is why we are having all this problems), 
belive it or not, wanted or not, there are 2 face's 
of the same coin always present on this subject:  
on one side a radio/sport side; on the other a politics/burocratic.
And people are confusing both!!! And the more they confuse
and write about it, the worst it gets.

Please try to understand this once and for good:
one thing is the the fun we get from this hobby, 
the other is all the stuff that exists behind the frequencies
and it's *that* who make it possible for all of us to enjoy is.

If you only know/care about the fun you get from ham radio,
then please just speak about it! If you know about the politics 
involved also, please speak also about it. But if you *don't*
have a clue about you are talking about, I would say you
better remain silent!    

It's important in this phase that all worldwide amateur comunity
appear as one. If not, our position facing ISS could be in danger,
and ARISS might not be more than a beatifull dream! 
So, unless you have a very good reason, don't speak more about
this subject! This is a politics question. This is nothing 
related with average "joe ham". This is not for the majority of us! 
In fact, this issue should never be of our knowldge. (I suspect
this was only a way that both sides wanted to catch supporters for
their cause. You were only mice...)

Again IMHO, all this question should have been discussed in the 
proper place (wich is not obviously an internet list), and I 
think I speak in name of the majority of the this list subscribers, 
that PLEASE sked a meeting, TALK about your problems, SOLVE them 
and later LET US KNOW what you AGREED.

At this point, may I present you with a little of portuguese popular
"A roupa suja lava-se em casa" (Dirty laundry is cleanned at home)

Please be civilized, reasonable and use common sense!

This is a great hobby (the BEST, in my opinion), we want it to 
be even better, and there is no doubt that ARISS will be one
of our major milestones for the next decade. 
Please help to make it come true!

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Now I bet you understand better why P3D launch 
    it's the "amateur radio best kept secret" ;^)

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