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Comments of another "Joe Amateur"

Like many another subscribers to the sarex-amsat reflector I am nothing but
another "Joe Amateur".  I participate in the hobby because I enjoy it and
like to share it with others.
If I understand NASA policy correctly, the platform of Amateur Radio in space
is to provide some educational benefit to everyone.  Please correct me if I
am wrong.  I would imagine that this is the intent of the ISS project also.
I understand that getting consensus between many countries is difficult
regarding the ISS project. 
The common sense approach to this would be, a countries Amateur Radio interest
aboard ISS is directly proportional to the respective national funding contribution
toward the ISS project itself.  (Maybe not politically correct, but fair.)
This mandate would have to come from NASA and the other Space Agencies.
Regarding the AMSAT reflector text that has been scrolling across my screen lately,
what is the purpose of all of this retoric?  To drum up political support? 
Or, is it to divide and conquer?  Or, both?
These discussions should be carried out off-line between the parties
involved and not posted on the AMSAT mailing list until a consensus between
the feuding parties is resolved, and a mutual agreement is reached.
The bottom line is that all parties that want to see Amateur Radio become
an integral part of future space endeavours need to put their differences
aside, work together and focus their resources on getting the job done,
and not fighting over control of the projects themselves.  Lets not let egos
impede our success.
The alternative to resolving these differences will be the 10E-13 mbar
nothingness of Deep Space for us terrestrial Hams.
Respectfully yours,
Mike Connors KI7AB