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Re: [amsat-bb] The heck with it, I'm forgetting sat work


Just as some of us receive pleasure from making a rare DX contact or from
the thrill of finally mastering (do we ever?) CW or even using a handheld
to work AO27, some receive pleasure in forcing their views on others or
causing them discomfort.

This "pleasure" in a non-moderated forum such as these, results in many
over-inflated egos being given a platform upon which they can heap insults,
flames or just down right obnoxious conduct on the many.

There is, however, a cure.  Simply use your delete button or put the high
and mighty ones in your twit filter.  Don't throw out the baby with the
bath water.  In spite of what you may see here, there are far and away more
real nice-to-know hams than those you wish could have retroactive birth
control applied to.....honest.

To drop out or not is, of course, your decision but you are playing right
into the hands of those that receive perverse pleasure from others

73 de Red

B Keyport wrote:

> All these recent discussions makes me embarrassed to be a member of the
> ham radio community. Thanks to Miles, and others, I've decided to call
> off any further plans to go to satellite work to futher my hobby.
> Sarex, Mirex, ARISS, all of it - I hope ya all burn on re-entry from
> your self propeled high horse/holier than tho attitudes.
> Good Bye, I will be requesting my removal from the mailing lists at
> AMSAT effective now.
> Ham Radio, at least in the Satellite aspect, is no better than CB. All
> Junk, All the time.
> Brendan Keyport, N7UIE
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