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re: The heck with it...

(With apologies to Brendan Keyport, N7UIE)

Totally unrelated, but why can't people just quit the list quietly?  Instead, they go on and on about something they don't like and then end with " ...so I am going to quit the list".  Okay, good bye.  Or better yet, they like to get a quick jab in at the list and the people that subscribe to it.  For example:
"Ham Radio, at least in the Satellite aspect, is no better than CB. All Junk, All the time."     Well, 10-4 to you to, pal!   And to blame Miles Mann for all your troubles.  Jeeze, isn't it bad enough the poor guy is the reason for every other trouble amateur radio is currently having w/ the space program (according to some people)?  When he reads your letter, I bet it will drive him over the edge.  Please Miles, don't take the toaster into the bath tub with you.  Atleast not yet, I haven't received any of your SSTV pics yet  ...you sob.

So, the question is, did Brendan Keyport, N7UIE (aka poohbear) really quit the list, or will I get lambasted on the list?   I guess I couldn't blame him if he did!

...Or maybe the question should be, of all the people that bust Miles' chops over this SSTV debate, how many of you have received his pics?  And if you haven't (as a matter of principle), why not?

I for one, am not quitting the list.  I read, and enjoy, most of  the postings, including Miles.  Most people usually have something intelligent to say, and I hope they forgive me for wasting their time with my little posting.