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Re: [amsat-bb] Reply from MAREX-NA

> The frequency problem stems from a memo written and published jointly by
> Roy Neal and Frank Bauer
> the VP of Amsat Manned flight division on June 3, 1998.
> In this memo Amsat VP Frank Bauer, publicly denounced the MAREX-NA SSTV
> system on June 3 1998.
> The memo was completely inaccurate and distorted many facts.  The memo
> went on to say:
> Whatever his reasons, we suggest that he not be allowed to go ahead with
> his SSTV project at this time.

Jeeezzzz What gives?!?!?!?

Amateur Radio has gotten some great press from this, and for the first time
Internet geeks are envious of HAM's for the Visual Space Downlink.

It may not be 'by the book' but neither am I. I like thinking 'out of the


Christopher Cox 

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