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MAREX-NA is trying very hard to keep Amateur Radio Satellite Access
affordable, educational and Fun.

There are still a few groups that have been lobbying our Russian friends to
kill the project.
Fortunately all attempts to kill the project have failed.

The Packet and SSTV systems were designed to run simultaneously on separate
With little or no crew involvement, besides moving the camera every few
At least that was the original plan.

However, plans change and we have two limitations we have to accept at this
1. The power supply options did work out as planed, so we are limited to
running one project at
a time.
2. Also, there is limited available rack space  for equipment this year.
The only antenna port we can get
access to at this time, is a filtered antenna port, which will only pass

Because of the two changes, the PMS and the SSTV project will share one
power supply, share one antenna
and only one can be active at a time.  Only one frequency is required since
only one project will be active
at a time.  The current frequency for Both projects  will be 145.985 FM

Note:  We are working on different antenna configurations and power supply
options.  It may be
a few months for work out some of the issues.

During my conversations with Energia last week, we are still planning on
running SSTV on weekends
when the crew has time to swap Coax cables.  Amateur Radio is not the crews
primary responsibility.
They do have many other tasks they must keep up with.  Amateur Radio is
officially an OFF-Hours task.
Which means, After the crew has completed all other work, and if they have
free time, they can experiment
with the Amateur Radio projects.
Last week I sent 4 images to the Mir crew, of pictures of their friends in
Moscow.  The crew immediately
recognized the images and I could tell by their voices, they were happy to
see the  images of
family and friends.  I am sure that as time permits, the SSTV will be more

We are very pleased with the response from the schools and general public
around the world regarding the interest
in the SSTV project and are working hard to develop mutually compatible
and to resolve other issues.  Because of the success of the MAREX-NA Mir
SSTV project, you will see SSTV on
the International Space Station.


"jmramade" <jmramade@infonie.fr> on 01/09/99 06:01:26 PM

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Subject:  [sarex] SSTV on MIR

Hello and a Happy new year to all

Since the begining of 1999 , SSTV seems to have disapeared on
145.985  . Just PKT can be heard on this frequency.

Is the SSTV project on 2 m cancelled ??
or what is the schedule for having SSTV agn ??

It would be a great disappointment SSTV to be cancelled on 2 m
or put on 70 cm , because of the great succes it was last year
for youngsters and students  ..

many thanks for your news abt it

73 from FRANCE
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RAMADE Jean-Michel
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