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MIR/APRS School Club Roundup

    The annual ARRL School Club Roundup (SCR) event runs from 8 to 13
Feb 1999 and has the objective to get as many SCHOOLS on the air as
possible (all bands all modes).  Coincidentally, the Space station MIR's
orbit during that week is over the USA during school hours and so makes an
ideal opportunity for the students to participate in satellite
communications as well.

    As part of the ongoing APRS/MIR/School experiments, MIREX Dr. Larson 
has endorsed the maximum participation of all schools to use the MIR
digipeater to exchange communications between schools during this week
long event (do not connect to MIR).  APRS style (UI) operations can handle
as many as 100 stations per pass, so any school with a 2 meter FM radio,
omni whip antenna and a TNC should be successful on 145.985 MHz.  The
APRS/MIR portion of this event is NOT A CONTEST, but an opportunity for
students and schools to learn about space communications.

Everyone is encouraged to contact a local school science teacher and
schedule a time period during that week when you can help set up and/or
operate a school club station.  Even if you cannot transmit for some
reason, the LIVE MIR downlink is always visible on the Naval Academy's
MIREX web page:

This page shows the results of last years APRS/MIR testing and will be
updated with specific details about the SCR event (if any).  

The ARRL School Club Roundup contest is described on page 92 of QST
january, 1999 or see http://www.arrl.org/contests.

de WB4APR, Bob

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