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RE: Schools & Satellites in the U.S.

Very nice!   -  Rosalie, WA1STO

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Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 1:05 PM
To: Pat Kilroy
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I would like to concur with Pat Kilroy's e-mail.  We (the SAREX Technical
Mentors) enjoyed working with you on your SAREX contact and I would be
happy to meet you personally.  If you are interested in stopping by while
in the DC area, please work with Pat.

I hope you have a great trip to the US.

73,  Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

At 12:01 PM 1/6/99 -0500, Pat Kilroy wrote:
>Hello Rob, VK3JKA,
>I am in Greenbelt, Maryland, which is about 20 km NE of 
>Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Capitol.  I would be honored to give 
>you and your family a tour of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  
>Also I can arrange a visit to nearby DuVal High School that just 
>flew a GAS canister experiment on the John Glenn STS-95 flight 
>and are starting a ham radio club with the help of the Goddard 
>Amateur Radio Club (GARC), WA3NAN.  
>You will also be updated on the GARC member activities, local 
>AMSAT activities, as well as all the hard work being done in 
>preparation for substantial Amateur Radio on the International 
>Space Station that, through the fault of our normally very busy 
>schedules alone, have not received widespread publicity to date.  
>When is your visit to D.C.?  
>AMSAT Area Coordinator, ...
>At 10:47 AM 1/6/99 +1100, Higgins, Rob J wrote:
>>Hello and Happy New Year from Yinnar South, Victoria, Australia,
>>My name is Rob Higgins and I'm Principal of Gormandale & District P.S. as
>>well as being vk3jka.  Over the last few years I have been playing with
>>Amateur Radio in some of my classes especially focussing on MIR.  This
>>we hope to try some SSTV images if possible.
>>In 1998 I won a study award and as part of it my family and I will be in
>>Orlando, Huntsville and Washington D.C. during September this year.  I
>>love to get in touch with any schools that are using Amateur Radio or
>>involved in Space type programs.  If you know of any, or could assist in
>>way please send a message.
>>Thanks in anticipation,
>>Rob Higgins, vk3jka
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