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To Dave N6CO

	Re your complaint about SSTV being in violation of the original agreement
in that
it would only last for 2 days on 145.985 and that it would be shut off on
Dec 13 1998, YES!!
all well  and true, BUT, did you or anyone else expect in your wildest
dreams that such an
avalanche of interest would be generated in the SSTV and that so many Radio
who either had never heard of MIR or if they did, did not have any interest
in packet radio
and so never bothered about supporting  or joining AMSAT, in order to be
able to track MIR
and to enjoy the challenge and excitement of receiving SSTV pictures from MIR.

In South Africa alone, with its relatively small Amateur Radio population,
we now have over
100 active on SSTV and I have had endless calls enquiring about how to get
on to MIR and
how to go about receiving the SSTV pictures.

Virtually ALL of them have 2m capabilities, but VERY FEW have 70cm
equipment. The question
is, do we chase them back into HF oblivion or by allowing certain times for
SSTV operation
do we retain their interest in MIR and possibly arouse their curiosity
about the packet radio
coming off MIR and get them as participants in packet radio?

OR do we chase them away because of "HIgh Rockbound Principles" and retain
145.985 as a 
"Pure packet frequency"?

Surely Dave, as dedicated Radio Amateurs we can find a way of sharing, as
was done so
amicably and so productively on Oscar 13, with the various modes. All
benefited from that
arrangement and nobody lost.

So, how about it Dave? Surely we can all benefit by sharing this facility
and thus doing what 
it is that we are supposed to do, namely learning from and encouraging
others to join us
in this wonderful hobby or must it stay there just for the pleasure and
exclusive use of the
"anointed few"?

Vy 73

Gerald ZS6BTD Johannesburg South Africa.
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