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Hoorah for Marex!!

I thought it was most interesting to read the reply post from SAFEX about
the activities of MAREX and Miles Mann.  I applaud both groups for
getting amateur radio aboard Mir.  However I find all this talk of contracts
and failed attempts quite interesting and typical.

The bottom line is Miles has been successful in getting his project up and
running because he kept to the basic KISS rule.  Right now I can use my
existing equipment to participate.  If SAFEX had their way I would have to
buy or build additional equipment.  With the high taxes here (to pay
for worthless social programs) there just isn't the time or budget to
do it.

Why limit participation to the technical expert or the wealthy?

Thanks Miles,

BTW   Because of the additiional dopler on 70cm I would like to see
operation continued with sharing the 145.985 with packet and SSTV.
If anything were to change packet should be put on 70cm with voice and SSTV
kept on 145.985.  Why?  to KISS!!!  This way we get the most
participation with the least cost.

Steve NV7V
L1, ASE Master Auto
Utah Smog and Safety Cert.
Senior Technician
Japanese Auto Service
Orem, Utah
Extra Class Amateur Radio Licensee
Senior Member Utah County Sheriff's Communications Auxiliary Team
Communications director Timpanogas Emergency Response Team
ARRL member
Trustee, N7BSA Utah Nat. Parks Cnl. Amateur Radio Explorer Post
W5YI-VE Contact VE

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