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At 20:12 01-01-99 -0500, you wrote:
>> I need alittle help and it seems to be on my end here....
>> I am running w95sstv 1.10 (shareware version) and I have been trying to
>> get the SSTV pics from MIR.
>> I load it and set my volume to about 1/4 on the radio like the program
>> says (seeing 2-3bars on the recieve thingy) but when MIR passes over all
>> I get  are diagonal lines in green and various other colors.

tune to 14230.0 on your hf and hook up the recive cable to the
computer...run W95SSTV and choose AUTO-RX...go to EDIT on the menu bar,
choose SETTINGS...on the window that pops up click the ADJUST SLANT
button...another window pops up, click on the slider...now, AS YOU ARE
RECIEVING A PICTURE, move the SLIDER left or right SLOWLY, you'll see the
picture straightning out (or getting worse!)...tip: if the slant lines are
from the top left corner towards the bottom right corner, then the
adjustment of the slider will be to the right (positive numbers). choose
the both TX and RX LOCKED button. once you adjust the slant correctly you
never have to touch it again as long as you have the same sound
card...don't forget to save your settings!!!

>> When the auto rx is on it automatically starts recieving the pic but
>> Robot 72 is what shows up....

choose Robot 36 beforehand

>> Not sure if I am doing it right...would like to see someone running this
>> program and verify that I have everything setup right.  I had the same
>> problem with ChromaPix and that is why I changed.....
>> Still no luck getting pics

read the RELEASE.WRI file, it is all there...happy new year.

-rick, hr2kos
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