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1.365 Khz !!!!!!!

hello there all,
my name is richard, and i'm 27 years of age. one of my hobby's is listening to shortwave and experiment with antenna's. te last experiment was on 1.365 Khz with some real amateurs. i like to help them with their experiment.
14/11/98 there micht be a new one on that frequencie, we are hanging an antenna under a kite (cody) with a lenght from +/- 300 meters. they had to ask permission from an airport nearby because the kite wil fly over a hight of 100 meters.
exiting he, pse listen if you can.
if you would like i can send more detailed information like exact QRG or even a pfhone number or an adres to send your QSL.
well, let me know if you are intrested.
04/11/98 i will do an exam for the novice licence. and then i hope to become a radio-amateur. my call wil become something like PD1xxx.
            WISH ME LUCK !!!!!!
73's Richard   
locator: JO33GF
ps. i know this has nothing to do with sattelite's an shuttle's