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Re: Visible MIR

>I couldnt see anything tonight due to clouds, however I had a good observation
>last night of not only MIR, but apparently the Progress ship they had cut loose
>on friday.  The object was trailing MIR about 20 seconds behind, and since the
>shuttle had already landed, and the new russian team had already docked, I am
>guessing what I saw was the Progress supply ship.  Anybody else see this?

So that's what that trailing object was!  Yes, I saw two objects about 2-3
degrees apart, the leading (and much brighter) one presumably being MIR.
The local chatter indicated that the trailing object was associated with
MIR somehow (fairly easy assumption if it's co-orbiting) but I didn't know
it was a Progress.  STS-89 also passed overhead on the same track a few
minutes earlier but I was tied up inside and couldn't get out in time to
see it.

Really nice pass here in Austin, though, since the track went directly
overhead and total transit time was 4-5 minutes at least. ;-)

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