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AMSAT.ORG Mailing Lists Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've read the introductory information about the services offered by AMSAT's mail server AMSAT.ORG, you may still have some questions. Some of these questions, and their answers, are available here. If you have additional questions, please send them to listmaint@amsat.org.

See also the Mail Alias FAQ.


Questions & Answers

How do I unsubscribe?

Either click on the web page link at the bottom of every mailing list message, or go to the ListInfo web page and click on the appropriate mailing list. Near the bottom you'll find a place to type in your email address and click on Unsubscribe or edit options.

If for some reason you can't use the web page, it is also possible to unsubscribe by email. To do that, you send a message with a subject of unsubscribe to a special address. The special address is different for each mailing list. To figure out the special address, take the name of the mailing list and add -request at the end. For example, for AMSAT-BB the special address is amsat-bb-request@amsat.org.

Why did the mailing list messages suddenly stop coming to me a few weeks ago?

Something may have been temporarily wrong with mail delivery to your site. If a message to you bounces back to the mailing list system, you may be removed from the mailing list. The system will try to notify you about this, but if mail isn't getting through you might not get the notice, either.

If you think this has happened to you, you can check your current subscriptions. To do that, go to the ListInfo web page and click on the mailing list. Near the bottom you'll find a place to type in your email address and click on Unsubscribe or edit options. You'll be able to see (and change) your current status on the page that comes up.

If the mailing list system thinks you are subscribed, but you haven't been seeing the mailing list messages, check your spam folder or your spam filter settings. If that doesn't work, check with your local system administrator.

If you think there might be a problem with the AMSAT.ORG system, you may send a query to listmaint@amsat.org and ask.

My computer says "unknown host" whenever I try to reach AMSAT.ORG.

This indicates a problem with domain name service. AMSAT.ORG is a fully official domain name, and your host should be able to find it. Check with your local network administrator.

I have an important announcement I'd like to make. Can I send it to the ANS mailing list?

Not unless you're an official ANS station. You may send it to the AMSAT-BB mailing list (by sending your message to amsat-bb@amsat.org), and/or submit it to the ANS editor (ans-editor@amsat.org) for possible inclusion in the next issue of the AMSAT News Service.

There's too much XYZ being posted to mailing list ABC!

It's not possible for the mailing lists to contain exactly what you find interesting. If we are to share information freely, all subscribers must be prepared to cope with a certain amount of traffic they find boring or useless.

Sometimes it becomes a clear problem, with one subject generating so much traffic that it becomes a burden on a more general mailing list. In those cases, a new mailing list can be created to make it possible for only those who are interested to receive the information. However, there is a practical limit.

I posted a message to mailing list ABC, and I got a bunch of bounce messages back.

Most automatically-generated problem report ("bounce") messages should be automatically routed to the list administrator. These messages usually signal a transient problem somewhere in the network. Often, the problem is at the receiving end. If a particular subscriber generates repeated bounce messages, that subscriber will be removed from the mailing lists.

If by some mischance a bounce messages comes back to you, the poster of a message to one of the mailing lists, please forward the bounce message (or a sample if many arrive) to listmaint@amsat.org. Please forward the entire message including headers as received. If the echoed text is large, you may edit it down, but preserve all headers and bounce message text.

Do I have to be a member of AMSAT to take advantage of the services of AMSAT.ORG?

No, the services are available to anyone. Of course, you're encouraged to join your national AMSAT organization.

Is there any charge for AMSAT.ORG services?

No, these are free services for the amateur satellite community. Donations are cheerfully accepted, however. See below.

Please send me info on AMSAT. Please change my mailing address or phone number on AMSAT's records. Please send me X.

The AMSAT office is separate from mailing list maintenance. You may address requests like these to martha@amsat.org, or send them by mail, phone, or fax to AMSAT headquarters:

850 Sligo Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

voice: +1 (301) 589-6062
fax: +1 (301) 608-3410

or use the contact form.

How do I join AMSAT?

See the AMSAT membership page.

How do I join AMSAT on-line?

Go to the AMSAT Store

How can I donate to AMSAT-NA?

Thanks for asking! Please send any donations to the AMSAT HQ, address above. You can also make donations online at the AMSAT Store.

Where can I learn more about AMSAT or amateur satellites?

Check http://www.amsat.org on the Web.

If you have questions, please use the contact form to contact the mail list team. Permission is granted to distribute this page without restriction.

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