Sources for Amateur Satellite Materials

This web page is not being actively maintained.

Here are some companies and organizations that supply materials useful in amateur satellite work. Note that these companies are not affiliated with AMSAT, and AMSAT can take no responsibility for them. Likewise, I have written these descriptions and provided these addresses without consulting the companies, so they can't be responsible for what I've said here.

Many of the products carried by these manufacturers are carried by local amateur radio dealers.

If you know of an outfit that ought to be listed here but isn't, please let me know (email to

This list is in alphabetical order.

Advanced Electronic Applications (AEA)
AEA is out of business. The former AEA data hardware and software product lines are now available from Timewave. The antenna analyzers and antennas will be available from Tempo Research Corporation of Vista, CA, telephone (619)599-9677.

Advanced Receiver Research
Box 1242
Burlington, CT  06013
Tel +1(860)485-0310


Arrow Antenna
911 East Fox Farm Rd. #2
Cheyenne, WY  82007
Tel +1(307)638-2369
Fax +1(307)638-3521

Antennas made from arrow shafts.

On the web: Arrow Antenna.

Cushcraft Corp
48 Perimeter Rd
Manchester, NH  03103
Tel +1(603)627-7877
Fax +1(603)627-1764


On the web: Cushcraft.

Down East Microwave
Steve Kostro, N2CEI
954, CR 519
Frenchtown, NJ  08825
Tel +1(908)996-3584
Fax +1(908)996-3702

Transverters, downconverters, preamps, antennas, accessories, components for 50 MHz to 10 GHz. See their Web page.

Elk Antennas
2680 Cherry Lane
Walnut Creek, CA  94597-2161

Tel +1(925)933-3242
Fax +1(925)943-1165

Log periodic antennas. See their Web page.

Grove Enterprises
P.O. Box 98
Brasstown, NC 28902

Tel +1(828)837-9200
Fax (828) 837-2216
Orders: 1-800-438-8155
Tech Support: +1(704)837-7081

Mainly scanner-related publications, including the magazine Monitoring Times. Some satellite equipment. See their Web page.

Hamtronics, Inc.
65 Moul Rd.
Hilton, NY  14468-9535

Tel +1(585)392-9430
Email: (preferred)

Transverters, upconverters, down-converters, receivers, power amplifiers, modems, etc. See their Web page.

308 Industrial Park Road
Starkville, MS  39759

Tel 1-800-973-6572
Tel +1(662)323-9538
Fax +1(662)323-5803

Hy-Gain antennas and rotators (formerly Telex/Hy-Gain). See their Web page.

ICOM America, Inc.
2380 116th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA  98004
Tel +1(425)454-8155
Fax +1(425)454-1509

Transceivers and accessories. See their Web page.

L.L. Grace Communications Products

Formerly, manufacturer of the Kansas City Tracker/Tuner rotor control and radio tuning package. This product is no longer available. For support info see the KCT/T pages.

M2 (M Squared) Antenna Systems, Inc.
4402 N. Selland
Fresno, CA  93722
Tel +1(559)432-8873
Fax +1(559)432-3059

Antennas. See their web page.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
221 Greencrest Ct.
Marietta, GA  30068
Tel +1(770)973-6251
FAx +1(815)461-7730

Fiberglass stock for amateur radio applications. See their Web page.

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 494
Mississippi State, MS  39762
Tel +1(662)323-5869
Fax +1(662)323-6551

Mirage power amplifiers, miscellaneous accessories. See their Web page.

P.O. Box 368 Enfield Plaza
South Australia,  5085
Tel +0419 826 666 
Fax +08 8261 0079

Transverters, pre-amps, amplifiers, etc. See their Web page.

Ohio Microwave LLC
848-A E. Franklin St.
Dayton, OH  45459
Tel +1(937)434-5078
Fax +1(937)434-5079

Microwave and RF components. See their Web page.

PacComm Packet Radio Systems, Inc.
7818-B Causeway Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33619

Tel +1(813)874-2980
Fax +1(813)872-8696

Packet radio equipment. See their web page.

Parabolic AB
P.O. Box 10257
S-434 23 Kungsbacka
Tel +46-300-410 60
Fax +46-300-406 21

Down converters, up converters, antennas. See their Web page.

4950 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #102
Valley Village, CA  91607
Tel +1(818)766-6244

S-Band downconverters, preamps. See their Web page.

Spectrum International
P.O. Box 1084
Concord, MA  01742

SSB Electronic USA
124 Cherrywood Drive
Mountaintop, PA  18707
Tel +1(570)868-5643
Fax +1(570)868-6917

Transverters, downconverters, preamps, coaxial cable, amplifiers, DSP filters, transceiver front-end upgrades. See their Web page.

Stridsberg Engineering Co
P.O. Box 7973
Shreveport, LA  71107
Tel +1(318)865-0523

Power dividers

Telex Communications, Inc.
No longer in the amateur radio market. See Hy-Gain.

Timewave Technology, Inc.
1025 Selby Ave., Suite 101
St. Paul, MN 55104
Tel +1(651)489-5080
Fax +1(651)489-5066

DSP processors. TNCs and DSP-based TNCs (former AEA product line). See their Web page.

Vertex Standard U.S.A. (Yaesu)
10900 Walker Street
Cypress, CA  90630
Tel +1(714)827-7600

Transceivers and accessories. See their Web page.

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