Orbital State Vector

Space Shuttle Orbital State Vectors describe the Position and Velocity of the spacecraft at some specified Epoch time. All state vector data ultimately originates from NASA, but may come from any of several sources. For further information, see the State Vector tutorial. The current Shuttle State Vector is:

Current State Vector

This vector may be converted to Keplerian elements using the Vector to Two-Line Elements (VEC2TLE) software. VEC2TLE is available at:

Download VEC2TLE

VEC2TLE supports a variety of Coordinate Frames and several units of measure. Atmospheric Drag modeling is an empirical estimate at this point -- the interested user may feel free to substitute better values if they are available.

Keplerian Elements

The Keplerian Elements computed by VEC2TLE from the above vector are available in both the common AMSAT format or in Two-Line Element (TLE) format.

AMSAT Format Two-Line Format

If the AMSAT site is busy you can also get the orbital data at the Orbitessera Web site.

Questions or comments regarding these data postings should be addressed to Ken Ernandes, N2WWD at: n2wwd@amsat.org