Space Amateur Radio Experiment

SAREX has been superceded by ARISS, Amateur Radio aboard the International Space Station. Please see the ARISS page. This page is no longer maintained, and is retained for historial interest only.

The Space Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX) is a continuing program to use amateur radio equipment on board the Space Shuttle. It is sponsored by AMSAT, NASA, and the ARRL.

For general information on the program, see the SAREX page maintained by the SAREX project.

During space shuttle missions, especially missions carrying SAREX, certain amateur radio stations relay the mission control audio from NASA. Please help us update this list of shuttle audio frequencies.

Ken Ernandes, N2WWD, makes the current orbital information (vectors and Keplerian element sets in both NASA and AMSAT formats) available daily (or more often) during Shuttle missions.

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