"The Am1601 is a stack based CPU implemented in a FPGA. Its reason for existence is to allow AMSAT access to an IPS-friendly radiation tolerant processor and to be in control of the intellectual property associated with it."
  Lyle Johnson KK7P
March 22, 2001


For more details about the Am1601, see the Programmer's Reference (pdf, 587K), Issue 1.0.12 dated October 29, 2002.

You can also download the Programmer's Reference in Word97 format (zipped, 138K).

Am1601 Emulator

The following zip contains an Am1601 emulator program for Windows NT, and a general user version of IPS to run on the emulator. The purpose of the emulator is to aid the design and development of the hardware Am1601, not to run "real-life" programs. IPS running on the emulator is considerably slower than it would be on a real hardware machine. That said the emulator is a very useful tool for debugging purposes.

It is being made available to the general public for peer review purposes, and is provided "as is".

Am1601 Emulator 1.0.0 (2100K, zip file)


This page will be updated as the project develops. Watch the AMSAT-BB mailing list for announcements.

Updated October 29, 2002.