May 16, 2004

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ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful School List updated 2004-05-12

Expedition 9 crew is now on the ISS.
E. Michael Fincke KE5AIT
Gennady I. Padalka RN3DT

The schedule page has been updated as of 2004-05-12 16:00 UTC. The successful school list has been updated as of 2004-04-26 05:00 UTC. I have added some statistics towards the bottom.

The latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on the ARISS web site. There are several ARISS web sites:

ARISS Europe:
ARISS Japan:

Other locations include:

Latest ARISS announcements and news

Successful school list or

[ANS thanks Charlie Sufana, AJ9N for the above information]

Bob Bruninga Makes Front Cover of QST

Congratulations Bob for making the cover of QST, working satellite no less!

Nice article from Andy, W5ACM also, about AMSAT-VU's HAMSAT.

[ANS thanks Drew, KO4MA for the above information]

X-Prize "Will Be Won This Year"

The X-Prize, a $10M race to be the first private company to put a craft into space twice in two weeks, will be won soon, believe its organisers. X-Prize chairman Peter Diamandis says it will be secured within five months.

A total of 26 teams are competing, with SpaceShipOne, an entry by aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan, considered to be the favourite to win the prize.

Other teams have already started to look at what they might do after the main challenge has been met.

Mr. Diamandis was speaking at the recent 41st Space Congress held at Cape Canaveral in Florida, US.

[ANS thanks BBC News for the above information]

AMSAT-DL General Assembly

On Saturday May 8th AMSAT-DL had its General Assembly in Marburg. Approximately 90 members have taken the opportunity to learn about the projects P5A and P3E, and they could have a look at the finished structure of P3E in the integrations room.

You may have a look at some pictures at

We also had the pleasure to have Bdale Garbee, KB0G with us as a visitor.

[ANS thanks Reinhard, DJ1KM for the above information]

AO-40 Recovery Status

AMSAT-DL have produced a table that demonstrates that the the "mystery effect" has taken A0-40 into highly unfavorable ALON. Attempts at communication are likely to be futile until conditions improve in early and mid July. It is noted that unfortunately optimum squint in late July corresponds with a very bad solar angle. Stay tuned.

[ANS thanks W4SM for the above information]

Cornell University Presentations Well Received

AMSAT's mission and vision statements specifically call for partnership and cooperation with the educational community. In support of that effort Rick Hambly, W2GPS, Board member and Executive Vice President and Art Feller, W4ART, Treasurer traveled to Cornell University to provide presentations about amateur satellites to the Engineering College.

Art, a retired FCC electrical engineer, presented "Frequency Planning 101". Art outlined how radio use grew from "do anything you want" to the first international technical treaty, through the recent explosion into the very complex radio-dependent world we live in today. It's a story of international cooperation across modern history, illustrating how culture and language affect all aspects of engineering.

Rick, presented "The AMSAT-OSCAR-E (Echo) Satellite Project". Rick gave an end-to-end view of the project, design, construction and launch plans of this leading-edge satellite.

[ANS thanks Art, W4ART and Rick, W2GPS for the above information]

Weekly Satellite Report

Link to the weekly report on satellite ...

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