May 2, 2004

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AMSAT Dinner -- Dayton

In my recent President's letter, I forgot to mention the annual AMSAT dinner at Dayton.

Here are the details:

The annual Dayton AMSAT Banquet will be held Friday, May 14th at 1800 at the usual location the Amber Rose Restaurant.

The cost is $25 for the buffet which includes tax and gratuity.

Payment will be made at the door with cash, Visa or MasterCard. To make reservations contact Nancy Makley,

Please list the name and call of each person who will be attending. If you are a current President's Club Gold member and attending the dinner, contact

[ANS thanks Robin Haighton, Robin Haighton for the above information]

ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful School List

Thank you Expedition 8 crew members Mike Foale KB5UAC and Alexsandr Kaleri U8MIR. We appreciate the time you take to make the ARISS contacts possible.

Expedition 9 crew is now on the ISS.
E. Michael Fincke KE5AIT
Gennady I. Padalka RN3DT

Whilst on board, André Kuipers PI9ISS made 2 successful contacts.

The schedule page has been updated as of 2004-04-26 05:00 UTC. The successful school list has been updated as of 2004-04-26 05:00 UTC. I have added some statistics towards the bottom.

The latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on the ARISS web site. There are several ARISS web sites:

ARISS Europe:
ARISS Japan:

Other locations include:

Latest ARISS announcements and news

Successful school list or

[ANS thanks Charlie Sufana, AJ9N for the above information]

2004 AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual Meeting -- Call for Papers

This is the first call for papers for the 2004 AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual Meeting to be held October 8-10 in Arlington, Virginia. This symposium will be held in conjunction with the ARISS International Meeting that is planned for October 10-13.

Proposals for papers, symposium presentations, and poster presentations are invited on any topic of interest to the amateur satellite program. An emphasis for this year is AMSAT's educational outreach activities, including our educational outreach efforts with universities and the International Space Station. In particular, papers on the following topics are solicited: Students & Education, ARISS, Echo, Eagle and other satellite-related topics.

We request a one-page abstract by June 1, 2004. Camera ready copy on paper or in electronic form will be due by August 1, 2004 for inclusion in the printed symposium proceedings.

Abstracts and papers should be sent to:
Daniel Schultz N8FGV
14612 Dowling Drive
Burtonsville, MD 20866

or by e-mail to:

[ANS thanks Dan, N8FGV for the above information]

VUSAT Testing


I just wanted to let know to the AMSAT-world that testing has been started to get the HAMSAT (or in hamradio called VUSAT) 100% working and ready for launch.

During the final testing last year there were found some minor problems, and the satellite could not been launched. Since a few days I am back at ISRO in Bangalore to help with testing and get the satellite in best shape for its launch summer this year.

I can not give any technical details and date of launch, but I want the AMSAT world to know that in the background many work is in progress. The satellite will give the hams in the world two new linear mode-uv transponders in a 800km LEO orbit... and this all just for free.

73 de VU/PE1RAH
William Leijenaar in Bangalore, India
Designer of the Dutch transponder flying on VUSAT

[ANS thanks William Leijenaar, VU/PE1RAH for the above information]

ARISS School Contact in Netherlands

Dear all,

We had a great event this weekend in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For Sunday, April 25th, our ARISS school contact was planned.

The first pass was unsuccessful, as the astronaut, Andre Kuipers, was so busy with his experiments, that the contact was forgotten. Ground control was contacted by us and we managed to get a new timeslot already in the very next pass. That time we immediately had contact.

Kids (and radio-amateurs) were all very excited!

For more details, see:
- preparation
- the crew
- the station
- the contact

[ANS thanks Henk, for the above information]

ISS Expedition 9

As the International Space Station orbits the Earth with its new resident crew in command, its old crew -- Expedition 8 Commander and NASA ISS Science Officer Michael Foale and Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri -- is now on Earth.

Their ISS Soyuz 7 spacecraft undocked from the Station at 4:52 p.m. EDT Thursday and landed in Kazakhstan at 8:12 EDT Thursday night. Expedition 8 spent 194 days in space. During this mission, Foale became the U.S record-holder for most cumulative time in space. He now has 374 days in orbit.

Returning to Earth with Expedition 8 is European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut André Kuipers of the Netherlands. He flew to the Station with Expedition 9 under an agreement between ESA and the Federal Space Agency of Russia.

Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka and NASA ISS Science Officer Mike Fincke officially took command of the Station at 1:47 p.m. EDT Thursday when the hatches to Soyuz 7 were closed.

On Monday, the two crews held a change of command ceremony. As Foale handed Padalka unofficial command of the "planet's only existing base camp" in space, Foale said, "We are leaving you with an ISS that is as capable and worthy as we received it."

Padalka said that he and Fincke "pledge to carry on the legacy of human space flight that those before us have forged for the future generation of explorers."

They arrived at the Station in their Soyuz at 1:01 a.m. EDT April 21, and following leak checks and hatch opening, they entered the orbiting laboratory at 2 a.m. EDT.

Expedition 9 is the third two-person ISS crew. Padalka, a colonel in the Russian air force, is a space flight veteran who spent 198 days aboard the Russian Mir space station in 1999.

Fincke is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, and Expedition 9 is his first trip to space. He is excited about the opportunity.

[ANS thanks NASA News for the above information]

Weekly Satellite Report

Link to the weekly report on satellite ...

All Satellites
ISS. RS-12. RS-13. RS-15. AO-7. AO-10. UO-11. UO-14. AO-16. LO-19. FO-20. UO-22. KO-23. KO-25. IO-26. AO-27. FO-29. GO-32. SO-33. PO-34. UO-36. AO-40. SO-41. SO-42. NO-44. NO-45. MO-46. AO-49. SO-50

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