March 7, 2004

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AMSAT's 35th Birthday

Congratulations to all AMSAT members past and present, and particularly to those far sighted individuals who 35 years ago brought AMSAT into existence.

With the growth of AMSAT into international organisations based on all habitable continents, the AMSAT is more than the sum of its technological parts, promoting peace, education, technology and communication skills. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to have taken a part in AMSAT's life.

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT -NA

[ANS thanks Robin, VE3FRH for the above information.]

UO-11 Birthday QSLs and Reports

Hi Folks!

I have now completed processing the 1st batch of UO-11 Birthday reception reports. There were a total of 134 received before 0500 on 2 March 2004. And its these reports that I have processed.

Please see the two links on the page; one for the reports themselves, and one for the page from which to download your QSL card.

If you haven't yet submitted a report, you can still do so at

This page will remain open until the end of March for further reports. If you have already submitted a report, but don't submit further ones, unless they are significantly different from the first (e.g., on a different band).

I'll be processing another batch of cards in a few days time.


[ANS thanks Jim Heck, G3WGM for the above information.]

3B9C Expedition

Although I've been keeping my fingers crossed, it's looking increasingly unlikely that AO-40 will be recovered in time for the 3B9C operation from Rodrigues Island. March 17th to April 12th.

As 'satellite specialist' I'm probably going to get more of a sun than I expected. However, it still may be possible to get a few satellite QSOs into the log.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to set up a sked on ANY of the remaining satellites. The best possibility looks like FO-29 which appears to be working well. Using just a triband vertical around 435.850, I've heard a few stations today including EB8 and VE3. RS15 could also work. Unfortunately the 6 minute schedule on AO-27 is good for areas of high population but it would be difficult for 3B9.

So if you have any visibility with 3B9 on any satellite please send me a mail ( Ed.) and we'll work something out. A quick look at Nova suggests that on FO-29 southern and east Africa should be easy, while there are a few more difficult openings to western Australia and possibly India. RS15 has a lot of potential to Asia, the middle east and most of VK. And there's always AO-7 which has an excellent footprint and can reach as far north as 4X.

[ANS thanks David, G0MRF/3B9C for the above information.]

ISS VHF Antenna Movie

Chris, PA5RWE reports that he has made a series screen shots from a movie which show one of the ISS amateur radio antennas.

In the `movie` one can see how the antenna comes in view due to the `rising` sun, and how it seems to disappear when ISS goes out of the sun.

The images can be viewed at

[ANS thanks Chris, PA5RWE for the above information.]

This Week's News in Brief

Weekly Satellite Report

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