July 27, 2003

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Ham Radio in Space: Happy Birthday AO-40

Its time to celebrate the launch anniversary of an important ham radio satellite. Beginning September 16th, at 0000 UTC and ending November 17th at 0000 UTC AMSAT is sponsoring an on-the-air bash to celebrate AO-40's 3rd Birthday.

All hams worldwide are welcome to participate in this on-air bash. The only acceptable modes are SSB, CW and digital operations and the AO-40 command team requests that CW and digital operations be performed with minimal power to keep the AGC down.

More information can be found at and click on the words AO-40 Birthday Bash.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA for the above information]

ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful School List

Check out webpage for live re-transmission URL of Brussels Planetarium contact!

Check out Ed Lu's webpage:

The latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on the ARISS web site. Several ways to get there.

Latest ARISS announcements and news

Successful school list or

The GSFC website is having problems. Go directly to the RAC site.

click on English (sorry I don't know French)
you are now at
click on News

[ANS thanks Charlie Sufana, AJ9N for the above information]

AMSAT-UK Colloquium

AMSAT-UK will be holding its Annual Colloquium over the weekend 25-27th July.

On Sunday, 27th, the welcoming address will be given by Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, President of AMSAT-NA.

A full weekend of lectures, social events and practical satellite operations is planned.

A full report will be available on the web site, in due course.

[ANS thanks Dave Johnson, G4DPZ, for the above information]

AMSAT Field Day 2003 Results

Field Day 2003 is over and it was a lot of fun for many. This years 1st place winner in the Emergency Power category goes to the Tampa Amateur Radio Club, N4TP, with 287 points. Following behind them in 2nd place is the Texas DX Society, K5DX, with 253 points. 3rd place goes to Lake County RACES, W9QL, with 215 points.

In the Commercial Power category, the winner was Ron, W6ZQ with 90 points.

The complete tabulation of all the QSOs and the satellites they were made on as well as pictures and stories will appear in the next issue of the AMSAT Journal. Are you a member? If not, please join so that you can get your copy of the AMSAT Journal.

AMSAT Vice President of User Services

[ANS thanks Bruce, KK5DO, for the above information]

7P8NK DXpedition becomes 3DA0WC on AO-40

The 7P8NK DXpedition in Lesotho was active this past week on AO-40 CW and SSB. Starting Monday, 28 July 2003 they will be relocating to Swaziland as 3DA0WC. They expect to be operational from the new location for 4 days and will be operating AO-40.

[ANS thanks Jim, K0SBH, for the above information]

This Week's News in Brief

[ANS thanks the sources for the above information]

Weekly Satellite Report

Link to the weekly report on satellite ...

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