June 29, 2003

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AO-40 Update

ALON/ALAT is moving slowly forward and within two orbits should be:

ALON/ALAT >350/0

In anticipation of ALON reaching 350, the schedule has been lengthened to leave the passband on until MA=220.

Estimated ALON/ALAT for June 28 is 353/0

N  QST AMSAT AO-40          SCHEDULE                 2003-06-24
                MA      002   030   220   244   002
                S2/K-Tx  |  S  |  S  |  S  |  S  |
                MB       |  *  |  *  |  *  |  *  |
                RUDAK    |     |     |     |     |
                V/U-Rx   |  U  |  U  |  U  |  V  |
                Uplink   |     | UL1 |     |     |

[ANS thanks Stacey, W4SM, for the above information]

FO-29 Reactivated

Yuki, JH3DJX, reports that FO-29 was reactivated by JARL control station on orbit# 33721. The satellite is currently operating mode JA and downlink signals from FO-29 have been very good.

[ANS thanks Yuki, JH3DJX, for the above information]

Challenger Center ARISS Contact

The Challenger Center in Hammond, IN had a successful ARISS afternoon contact on 2003-06-26.Congrats Ed Lu, W9PUC Purdue University Calumet radio club, the Challenger Center, Ed K9TZT the ham coordinator, Mark K9MQ the control op, and the rest of the crew from the Lake County Amateur Radio Club.

Check out the web page for the Challenger Center in Hammond, Indiana ARISS contact. You will probably need to get the latest RealOne Player (formerly RealPlayer).

ARISS Contact Schedule and Successful school list updated 2003-06-25 21:00 UTC

Check out Ed Lu's web page:

The latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on the ARISS web site. Several ways to get there.

Latest ARISS announcements and news

Successful school list or

The GSFC website is having problems. Go directly to the RAC site.

click on English (sorry I don't know French)
you are now at
click on News

[ANS thanks Charlie, AJ9N, for the above information]

Lesotho DXpedition Plans AO-40 Operation

The July 18-25 Lesotho 7P8 DXpedition sponsored by the Lone Star DX Association and the Texas DX Society has added amateur satellite mode to its planned operations, DXpedition Leader Charles Frost, K5LBU/7P8TA has announced.

The operation will be on the AO-40 satellite mode U/S.

Equipment including antennas and a down converter were donated by Wayne Estes, W9AE, and a spare down converter donated by Bruce Paige, KK5DO. Paige, QSL manager for the recent P5/4L4FN operation from North Korea, is also providing pre-DXpedition satellite training in Houston. Paige is AMSAT VP of User Services & ARRL Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC). For additional 7P8 satellite information and news click on

"We're glad to offer such a needed mode from Lesotho," Frost said, adding that those wanting to make a contact with the DXpedition "take it easy on us because none of us are satellite operators, but we are willing to try our best at giving everyone who wants one a 7P8 QSO."

Besides Frost, the operators include: Igor Zdorov of Minneapolis MN, W0IZ/7P8IZ; Dave Anderson of Ashville NC K4SV/7P8DA; Madison Jones of Houston TX, W5MJ/7P8MJ; Neil King of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada VA7DX/7P8NK; and Tom Anderson of Colleyville TX, WW5L/7P8TA, on the all modes, all band team July 18-25 from Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho.

K4SV and VA7DX will also be operating from 3DA after 7P8. Callsigns will be 3DA0SV for Dave Anderson K4SV and 3DA0WC for Neil King, VA7DX. QSL via home calls.

Operations will be will be at the Hotel Mount Maluti near Mohale's Hoe (30.16 S and 27.48 E). Equipment includes Tribanders for 10-15-20, a 2 element WARC Band antenna, a log periodic, a 40-80-160 vertical, and Alpha Delta 40/80/160 dipoles. Kenwood TS850S, ICOM 706MKIIg and 756 PRO, plus 600 and 1 kW amps. Most of the equipment is already in country.

QSLs will be handled by each operator separately via their home calls as each will have their own 7P8 call.

QSL routes are: 7P8CF--K5LBU--Frosty; 7P8TA--WW5L--Tom; 7P8MJ--W5MJ--Madison; 7P8NK--VA7DX--Neil; 7P9DA--K4SV--Dave; and 7P8IZ--W0IZ--Igor.

Andre van Wyck, ZS6WPX, is the on-scene coordinator of the DXpedition.

Commercial equipment donors include Tennadyne Antennas, Array Solutions, and AY-Technologies.

For additional information contact Frost at or Tom Anderson at

[ANS thanks Charles, K5LBU, for the above information]

UK Expanded Satellite Access Proposal

Currently access to the amateur satellite service in the UK is only available to holders of full licenses and that at present the foundation and intermediate license holders cannot operate via satellites.

AMSAT-UK has been lobbying strongly to change this situation and to allow all UK amateurs access to our part of the hobby. The new intermediate level exam includes questions on satellites and it is the Radio Communication Agency's (RA) intention to amend the Intermediate License accordingly.

The RA has just launched a consultation document which requests comments on this proposal before July 11th

It can be found at

AMSAT-UK is encouraging all UK amateurs could respond stating that they are in favour of the change!

Comments can be sent by email to

or by letter to:

Amateur Section
Radiocommunications Agency
Wyndham House
189 Marsh Wall
E14 9SX

A short email stating that you support the proposed changes to allow intermediate licensees satellite access is all that is required!

It remains AMSAT-UK policy to press for access for Foundation License holders at the earliest possible opportunity and if you agree with this it might be good to say so.

[ANS thanks Jim, G3WGM, AMSAT-UK Hon. Secretary, for the above information]

New PREDICT Version Released

PREDICT version 2.2.2, a satellite tracking and orbital prediction application for the Linux and Unix operating systems, has been released. This release corrects several small bugs and adds several new features over the previous version. Some of the important changes include:

PREDICT may be downloaded from

Further information on PREDICT is available at

[ANS thanks John, KD2BD, for the above information]

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