February 23, 2003

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AO-40 S-Band Receiver Test Scheduled

The AO-40 team plans to test the S1 and S2 receivers with the K-band downlink on Sunday, February 23rd from MA 162 to 170 (UTC ~19:26 to ~20:01). This will necessitate switching OFF the S2 Tx during this time. As is currently scheduled each orbit, the S2 Tx will be on, beacon only, along with the K-Tx during the 160 to 162 window. However, from 162 to 170, the S2 Tx will be off and only the S1 and S2 receivers, plus beacon, will be connected to the K-Tx. Stations with K-band reception are invited to monitor the tests. Normal passband operation should resume after MA 170. If weather or technical problems are prohibitive, we will reschedule. Because this is a single event test, the N-blk will not be modified to reflect this test.

[ANS thanks Stacey, W4SM, for the above information]

AO-40 Operating Update

In order to keep the solar angle in the range of 30-35 degrees, ALON has been advanced to 10 degrees.

As of February 17, nominal ALON/ALAT is was 10/0 and will remain so for 7 to 10 days. After that time ALON will be further advanced to maintain the proper solar angles.

Due to the change in attitude the passband and K-Tx windows have been modified as below:

N  QST AMSAT AO-40          SCHEDULE                2003-02-17
      MA      010   050   160   162   170   230   244   010
      S2/K-Tx  |  S  |  S  | S/K | S/K |  S  |  S  |  S  |
      MB       |  *  |  *  |  *  |  *  |  *  |  *  |  *  |
      RUDAK    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
      V/U-Rx   |  U  |  U  |  U  |  U  |  U  |  U  |  V  |
      Uplink   |     | UL  |     | UL  | UL  |     |     |

[ANS thanks Stacey, W4SM, for the above information]

Guadeloupe (FG) on AO-40

Below is the "final" operating schedule announcement for FG/W9AE in Guadeloupe (grid FK96).

Because of the change in AO-40 ALON, the previously announced Americas/Pacific passes on 21 Feb and 25 Feb now have high squint. I no longer plan to operate those passes. I MIGHT give it a shot on CW a few minutes before LOS when the squint drops to about 20 degrees.

These are the "good squint" passes that I plan to operate:

22 Feb. 2300 UTC to 23 Feb. 0200 UTC (LOS).
Window to Americas and Pacific.

23 Feb. 1500 UTC (AOS) to 2100 UTC.
Window to Europe, Middle East, Africa, also Americas near the end

26 Feb. 2300 UTC to 27 Feb. 0200 UTC (LOS).
Window to Americas and Pacific.

[ANS thanks Wayne, W9AE, for the above information]

ANS Weekly Satellite Report Editor Wanted


Editor for the AMSAT News Service - Weekly Satellite Report. Due to other irons in the fire, I'm actively looking for my replacement. If you'd like to be involved in helping fellow satellite operators stay abreast of the latest status of amateur satellites, please drop me a note.

[ANS thanks Mike, N1JEZ, for the above information]

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