June 9, 2002

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New ANS Team Concept Launched

Last week it was announced by AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, that Dan James, NN0DJ, will assume the position of AMSAT-NA Journal editor, moving from his current position of AMSAT News Service bulletin editor, a job he has held for just over 4 years.

Dan will start his new duties with the July/August edition of the Journal. This edition of ANS will be Dan's last ANS effort.

This week VE3FRH has announced that he is well underway in overseeing the "team approach" to ANS, where several people will take turns in producing the ANS bulletin sets. Thus, ANS bulletin sets will continue much as they have for many years.

NN0DJ would like to take a moment and thank all those who have helped his ANS efforts in the last four years. "It has been my distinct pleasure to be associated with ANS," said Dan, "and to carry on the bulletin service that has become such an important part of the AMSAT-NA services. My work did not happen alone, many contributed on a regular basis, and ANS could not have continued without them. To all of those that provided material -- I am forever in your debt!

"In ending my stint as ANS editor, I would like to think that past ANS editor 'BJ' Arts, WT0N (SK) -- my inspiration in this field -- would be very pleased with what has happened with ANS during my editorial tenure.

"Thank you all so very much!"
Dan James, NN0DJ
ANS Editor February 1998-June 2002

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, for this for this information]

New OSCAR Numbers

Bill Tynan, W3XO, Board Chairman AMSAT-NA, following a well established AMSAT tradition, has designated OSCAR numbers for the recently launched IDEFIX picosats, sponsored by AMSAT-France.

The IDEFIX picosats were launched by an Ariane rocket on May 4, 2002, from Kourou, French Guyana, as a secondary payload of the CNES SPOT-5 satellite. The IDEFIX picosats are composed of two similar (and totally independent) amateur radio payloads, called CU-1 and CU-2. Both payloads remained fastened to the third stage of the Ariane launcher. Each payload transmitted recorded voice messages as well as 400-baud telemetry data during planned, short-lived missions.

"On behalf of AMSAT-NA," said W3XO, "I wish to congratulate AMSAT France and all French radio amateurs on the successful culmination of this project. I hope that amateurs and children all over the world had a opportunity to listen to the messages transmitted by these two French spacecraft.

"As Board Chairman AMSAT-NA, and following a well established AMSAT tradition, I award the designation of BreizhSat OSCAR-47 (BO-47) to CU-1, and BreizhSat OSCAR-48 (BO-48) to CU-2. Thus, BO-47 and BO-48 join a long line of amateur radio satellites beginning with OSCAR-1 (launched in December, 1961)."

Best wishes and 73,
William (Bill) Tynan, W3XO
Board Chairman AMSAT-NA

[ANS thanks Bill Tynan, W3XO, for this information]

Second Call for Papers

ANS has announced the 20th Space Symposium and AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting, scheduled for November 7-11, 2002 in Fort Worth, Texas. The event will chronicle recent and future amateur radio satellite technology developments, including an electronic surplus stores tour on November 7th; a Field Operations breakfast and a tour of the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company on November 10th; and the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Meeting November 10th.

This is the second "Call For Papers" to be presented during the 2002 Symposium.

Papers may be presented by the author during the Symposium, or simply offered for inclusion in the Symposium Proceedings publication.

The subject matter should be of general interest to amateur radio operators involved in satellite communications. Suggested topics include; operating techniques, antenna design and construction, spacecraft design and construction, current mission status, proposed satellite missions, telemetry acquisition and relay, satellite microwave projects, etc.

A brief abstract of the proposed paper (in outline format) should be submitted as soon as possible. The final date for abstracts is July 8, 2002. Copy-ready papers must be received no later than August 26, 2002.

Electronic submittal is preferred. The format must be either MS Word compatible or in plain text. Please e-mail your electronic submittals to Doug Howard at

[ANS thanks Keith Pugh, W5IU, the 2002 event chairman]

ANS in Brief

ANS news in brief this week includes the following:

Weekly Satellite Report

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This week's AMSAT News Service bulletins were edited by AMSAT  News Service editor Dan James, NN0DJ.