April 7, 2002

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New Satellites Planned

AMSAT-France announced that two new French amateur radio picosats are planned for the new future, to be launched as secondary payloads with the upcoming launch of the SPOT-5 satellite.

An Ariane 4 rocket (V-151) is scheduled to carry SPOT-5 and the amateur payloads into orbit on or near May 3, 2002.

The two picosats, designed, built and founded by AMSAT-France are both battery powered and should work in space about 40 days. They will remain fastened to the third Ariane 4 stage, with a planned orbit of 800 km.

Both picosats will transmit NBFM voice recorded messages and digital telemetry data. Frequencies listed are 145.840 MHz and 435.270 MHz. Telemetry data will be transmitted at 400 baud BPSK.

Both of these new birds will switched on about ten days after the launch.

Stay tuned to ANS for more details.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-France President Jean-Louis Rault, F6AGR, for this information]

Southeastern VHF Conference

The 6th annual Southeastern VHF Society Conference will be held April 26-27, 2002 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The 2002 conference will include presentations on a wide variety of VHF oriented subjects, including; antenna gain measurements, pre-amp gain and noise figure measurements, a flea market with vendor displays, an auction and a Saturday evening banquet. The guest speaker is Joe Dooley, P.E., of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The program schedule along with lots of other useful information including registration forms, hotel and travel information, can be found at

[ANS thanks Greg Robinson, KB4NVD, for this information]

Cordless Telephone Sellers Fined

About one year ago, the ARRL asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the marketing and proliferation of long-range cordless telephones operating in amateur spectrum (primarily in the 2-meter band).

These efforts resulted in three marketers of these telephones each being fined $7000 for their activities.

Reports to ARRL of the marketing of these devices have now completely diminished, although some isolated instances of their use is still reported.

Copies of the forfeiture orders are now public record and list the three marketers involved in this action as Electronics Unlimited, Lightning Electronics, and New Image Electronics -- all with offices in Miami, Florida.

[ANS thanks ARNewsline and the ARRL for this information]

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