August 19, 2001

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AO-40 Update

AMSAT-DL President Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, reported to ANS that during orbit 364 AO-40's momentum wheels were tested for the very first time! "The wheels powered up and synched at 0 rpm immediately and the power drain was negligible," said DB2OS.

In the next step, the wheels will be programmed to a faster rotation (all in the same direction and at the same time). DB2OS reports if everything goes well with this test, the command team will then let the wheels run for a longer period to allow for spin measurement of the spacecraft and to observe power consumption.

Most satellites today use momentum wheels for attitude control. Conventional momentum wheels with ball bearings frequently cause problems since in the vacuum of space bearing lubrication is very difficult. It is hoped that AO-40's leading-edge technology will prove successful and improve the reliability of future 3-axis controlled spacecraft.

More information is available at

Stay tuned to ANS, the official source of AO-40 information.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-DL for this information]

AMSAT-UK Colloquium a Success

AMSAT-UK's 16th annual Colloquium was held recently at the University of Surrey - and has been judged a complete success. Some 85 delegates from 14 countries and 3 continents were in attendance. First time attendees numbered almost 20!

Colloquium Organizer Richard Limebear, G3RWL, reported to ANS that "we enjoyed many excellent talks this year!" Two presenters won special awards; the best speaker award was presented to Jerry Brown, K5OE, for his presentation of "YAHE: Yet Another Helix Experiment". The award for best new speaker went to Howard Long, G6LVB, for "Entry-Level AO-40 Capable Stations." Congratulations to both winners!

The G3AAJ Trophy was awarded to Clive Wallis, G3CWV, for his consistent hard work in following OSCAR 11.

Colloquium activities included Command station and UoSAT clean room visits, a well attended barbecue, a "Pub Quiz" written by Paul, VP9MU, ON6UG and G3RUH S-band demos, microwave testing, antenna matching sessions and a 2.4 GHz antenna range.

The Colloquium Proceedings will be made available shortly, including a planned electronic version that will be available in e-mail and CD versions.

[ANS congratulates Colloquium Organizer Richard Limebear, G3RWL, and the many people associated with this fine event]

New ISS Crew Aboard Alpha

NASA reports all is well currently with the International Space Station Expedition-3 crew.

Frank Culbertson Jr., KD5OPQ, heads up the E-3 team. His Russian crewmates are Mission Pilot Vladimir Dezhurov and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin.

The station's second resident crew, directed by Russian Commander Yury Usachev, RW3FU, with American astronauts Susan Helms, KC7NHZ, and Jim Voss - safely returned to Earth aboard shuttle Discovery, ending more than five months in orbit. The new crew will stay on Alpha until December.

The $95 billion space station program is a partnership of space agencies in the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe. The station's construction should be completed by 2006.

[ANS thanks NASA and the ARRL for this information]

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