May 27, 2001

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Phase 3D/AO-40 Update

AO-40 experimental transponder operation has temporarily ended due to changes in the spacecraft latitude needed for arcjet cold firing. The squint pointing angle is more than 30 degrees and not currently useful for transponder operation. AMSAT-DL reports command stations have suspended transponder operation for now as the S-2 transponder remains off until further notice.

The RUDAK beacon and S-band middle beacon are continuously on.

ANS has received additional information from AMSAT-DL:

In order to escape the rapidly approaching Sun exposure (and to get ready for arcjet thruster) AO-40's ALAT number has been lowered. ALON/ALAT values will be tweaked with YACE images and command stations will continue to lower ALAT numbers before beginning to move ALON numbers past sun exposure.

X-band, K-band transmitter and C-band receiver tests have stopped as the minimum squint angle is not enough for useful signals. In addition, the RUDAK team has asked for more time for RUDAK experiments. Message blocks have been be updated to reflect these new conditions.


Stay tuned to ANS, the official source for news and information about AMSAT OSCAR 40.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL and the ARRL for this information]

VE3FRH Announces President's Club

Initially released at the Dayton Hamvention by AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, AMSAT, is pleased to announce the formation of the President's Club.

Following the announcement, Gunther Meisse, W8GSM, became one of the first to respond. "I have been a life member for years and have been away from the hobby for a long time," said W8GSM, "this year I was thinking about AMSAT and listening for AO-40, sign me up!"

Members of the President's Club, as sustaining donors to AMSAT Project Funds will be eligible to receive the benefits of membership. Initially, there will two levels for donations - which will qualify for benefits:

Presidents Club benefits include the following:

Gold Level
AMSAT President's Club - Gold Certificate
AMSAT President's Club - Gold Pin (unique)
Invitation to the AMSAT special reception (at the annual meeting), to meet with Directors, Officers, Project Designers and satellite builders.
Invitation to the AMSAT Dayton Dinner
Annual endorsement stickers for certificate
Silver Level
AMSAT President's Club - Silver Certificate
AMSAT President's Club - Silver Pin (unique)
Invitation to the AMSAT special reception (at the annual meeting), to meet with Directors, Officers, Project Designers and satellite builders.
Annual endorsement stickers for certificate

Application forms are available from AMSAT-NA Office. For further information and details contact:

Daniel James, NN0DJ
AMSAT Vice President-Public Affairs
P.O. Box 297
Warroad, MN 56763-0297

NN0DJ can be reached at: +1(218)386-1544 or via e-mail:

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, for this information]

New Appointments

AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Dick Daniels, W4PUJ, (a member of the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors), has been appointed as the official AMSAT-NA Archivist. Dick a founding member of AMSAT-NA, and has collected numerous photographs and information concerning AMSAT. In addition, he has already started converting many existing slides to a digital format for the archives. Dick will also present plans and ideas to the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors for the long-term preservation of our records.

Ed Collins, N8NUY, (the organizer of the annual AMSAT Dayton dinner), has been appointed as special assistant to the President. Ed's assignments will be designated Robin, VE3FRH. Ed's background and past military experience will bring additional strength to the AMSAT administrative roles.

Both of the above appointments are effective immediately.

[Congratulations to both Dick and Ed from ANS!]

The President's Letter

The following is the May President's Letter from AMSAT-NA President, Robin Haighton, VE3FRH:

Another Dayton has come and gone, and it was great to meet so many of you at the AMSAT booth! However, even with the time I spent there, it was still not enough time to meet and talk to everyone.

Immediately before Dayton, Kenwood had a reception to introduce a new handheld radio. At the reception Kenwood also presented Barry Baines, WD4ASW, (our Vice President of Field Operations), with the Kenwood Top Gun Award. The award commends Barry for his hard work in attending many hamfests throughout the year and for doing so much to promote amateur radio. Details of the presentation will be included in a future issue of the AMSAT-NA Journal. Congratulations Barry!

On Friday of Dayton it rained and rained, and we all felt very sorry for the outside vendors. Inside, the crowds were busy with new AMSAT memberships (and renewing existing ones) as well as making donations to AMSAT for books and various other goods. The Friday evening annual AMSAT Banquet was very well attended and I had the pleasure of introducing the new AMSAT President's Club, which recognizes members who donate on a regular basis to AMSAT projects.

Gerry Schmitt, KK5YY, gave those at the dinner a very interesting talk on his Alaska adventures, complete with beautiful pictures. On Saturday, the weather cooperated with Dayton and a great day was had both inside and out. Saturday evening the Dayton Hamvention Banquet was held and Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, (our Vice President of Human Spaceflight Programs), was awarded a Dayton Special Achievement award. Frank received this award for his outstanding work with both the SAREX and ISS programs. Congratulations Frank!

I would like to thank all of the people who participated in making the Dayton arrangements, assisting at the booth, putting the booth up (and taking it down), organizing the AMSAT dinner, and a thousand-and-one other items - thank you all for volunteering!

Robin Haighton, VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, for this information]

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