February  18, 2001

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Phase 3D/AO-40 Update

If no news is good news then readers of ANS will be happy to learn that the month of February continues with on-going recovery efforts of AMSAT OSCAR 40.

The AMSAT-DL web site is currently featuring the following statement:

There is no spectacular news about AO-40. The spacecraft is still in a stable mode as the attitude drifts toward further improvements in early April. Times of best reception have varied as expected.

Joe Wheatley, AE4JY, has released version 0.4 of AO40Rcv. The main change is a TCP/IP-server feature that connects with W4SM's P3T program. More information is available at

Stacey Mills, W4SM, has also updated his P3T program, correcting a few malfunctioning sensors. More information is available at

ALON/ALAT is currently 248/-7, as last listed on the AMSAT-DL web page.

The AMSAT-UK web site is also featuring news of AO-40:

AO-40 continues in its attitude-induced limbo and there is no new news. As the attitude drifts - the optimum MA's to hear the spacecraft are now earlier in the orbit. AO-40 is best heard between MA 2 and MA 14.

AO-40's orbital parameters (number 38) are as follows:

Satellite: 		AO-40
Catalog number: 	26609
Epoch time: 		1046.15851798
Element set: 		38
Inclination: 		5.6690 deg
RA of node: 		222.2686 deg
Eccentricity: 		0.8134836
Arg of perigee: 		221.7796 deg
Mean anomaly: 		34.0600 deg
Mean motion: 		1.26948856 rev/day
Decay rate: 		-8.3E-07 rev/day^2
Epoch rev: 		135

Stay tuned to AMSAT News Service, the official source of AO-40 news and information.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-DL, AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NA for this information]

New SAREX List Service

Last week, ANS reported on a new AMSAT-NA service - messages from the AMSAT-NA bulletin board are now available on the web! This new service has now been extended to the SAREX mailing list, as reported by Vice President of Electronic Publications, Paul Williamson, KB5MU.

Indexes by date, by thread, and by author are available. Archives of the current messages for several convenient periods are available, and monthly archives are also available.

If you have to unsubscribe from the SAREX mailing list for a while, you can catch up on what you missed by browsing the web archives. You may even find the web archives easier to use than the mailing list itself.

Need more information? See

[ANS thanks AMSAT-NA Vice President of Electronic Publications, Paul Williamson, KB5MU, for his hard work in putting this new service into operation]

TAPR Appoints New Directors, Secretary

TAPR has informed ANS that Steve Stroh, N8GNJ, and Byon Garrabrant, N6BG, have been appointed to the TAPR Board of Directors. In addition, Guy Story, KC5GOI, has been appointed as the organization's secretary.

N8GNJ is a long time member of TAPR. He lives in Woodinville, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, where he is a member of the Puget Sound Amateur Radio TCP/IP Group. He was also recently named Digital Editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine.

N6BG has been active in packet radio and transmitter hunting since he was first licensed in 1990. He served as the Digital Communications Officer for the Orange County, California RACES group, maintaining the group's packet BBS along with organizing digital communication exercises using packet message-passing software he created.

KC5GOI was first licensed in 1994 and has been an active packet radio user since his first day as a ham. Guy is also the APRS Chairman and a repeater control operator for the Denton County, Texas Amateur Radio Association, where he is an assistant emergency coordinator for Denton County ARES.

TAPR (officially Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, Inc.) is a non-profit research and development corporation dedicated to advancing amateur radio through digital technology.

[ANS thanks Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, Inc for this information]

ANS in Brief

ANS news in brief this week includes the following:

Weekly Satellite Report

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This week's AMSAT News Service bulletins were edited by AMSAT  News Service editor Dan James, NN0DJ.