May 17, 1998

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Special Event Station GB50MKI

A special event amateur radio station using the call sign GB50MKI will be active starting June 7, 1998, celebrating 50 years of computing.

June of 1948 saw the birth of the first stored-program electronic digital computer, at the University of Manchester in England. The ability to store and run any program put in by a user set this machine apart from all the special purpose computing machines that had been used at the time, making this model the first computer as we know it today. The machine was known as the Manchester Mark 1.

To commemorate this landmark of scientific research, a large number of activities will take place in Manchester in June 1998. Events include the commissioning of an exact replica of the Manchester Mark 1, public lectures and eleven scientific conferences that will all be held at the University of Manchester.

To carry the celebrations to a world-wide community, a special event amateur radio station will be active starting June 7th, using the call sign GB 50 MKI (50 years Mark 1).

GB50MKI will transmit on all amateur radio bands using SSB, CW and FM modes, but focusing in particular on data modes. Satellite operation is planned. The station will be active from June 7th through the end of the month. Special QSL cards will be issued.

For details, consult the GB50MKI web site at the following URL:

[ANS thanks Simon Kahn, G0STU, for this information]

K9SLQ Photo Page

It's time to take another look at the latest satellite operator photographs at the K9SLQ web site. Wayne has started his second page of photos, featuring many of the well known amateurs active in the satellite world. W0SL, KG2IC, KK3K, W8ZCF, N0ZHE and K7YCH are all featured. DX station photos include VE6ITV, F1NGP, CO2KK, CT1EAT and IW9ELR.

If you have not sent in your photograph, "get one in today," says Wayne. Submissions should be sent electronically to K9SLQ, with a .jpeg formatted photograph sent as an attachment.

Wayne's e-mail address is:

The K9SLQ web site can be accessed using the following URL:

[ANS thanks Wayne Grove, K9SLQ, for his satellite operators web site]

ILA '98 Aerospace Exhibition Berlin, Germany

From May 18-24, 1998, the ILA '98 - International Aerospace Exhibition is open to the public at Schoenefeld International Airport in Berlin, Germany. Models of the AMSAT Phase-3D and Sputnik RS-17 satellites will be displayed. During the lecture presentation, the P3D, RS-17 and Mir programs will be discussed.

Further information on the event is available at the following URL:

[ANS thanks Rudolf Appel, AMSAT-DL, for this information]

ANS News in Brief

Weekly Satellite Report

Mir . RS-12 . RS-15 . RS-16 . AO-10 . AO-27 . FO-20 . FO-29 . KO-23 . KO-25 . UO-11 . AO-16 . DO-17 . WO-18 . LO-19 . UO-22 . IO-26


SAFEX II 70cm Repeater
Uplink 435.750 MHz FM with subaudible tone 141.3 Hz
Downlink 437.950 MHz FM
SAFEX II 70cm QSO Mode
Uplink 435.725 MHz FM with subaudible tone 151.4 Hz
Downlink 437.925 MHz FM
Packet Radio PMS
Uplink/Downlink 145.985 MHz FM, 1200 baud AFSK

All operations on R0MIR-1 are normal. The PBBS is running a Kantronics KPC-9612 + V.8.1 TNC. The commands a similar to most PBBS and BBS systems. There have been over 3000 messages sent through the new PBBS so far and it looks as if many will follow.

[ANS thanks Scott Avery, WA6LIE, and the MIREX team for Mir status information]


Uplink 145.910 to 145.950 MHz CW/SSB
Downlink 29.410 to 29.450 MHz CW/SSB

Operational, mode KA.


Uplink 145.858 to 145.898 MHz CW/SSB
Downlink 29.354 to 29.394 MHz CW/SSB

CW appears to be the most successful mode on RS-15.


The 435 MHz beacon (only) is operational. Recent attempts to command the Mode A transponder on have been unsuccessful.

Transponder information:

Uplink = 145.915 - 145.948 MHz
Downlink = 29.415 - 29.448 MHz
Beacons = 29.408 , 29.451 MHz
Pwr 29 MHz Down = 1.2 W / 4 W

Beacon 1 = 435.504 MHz
Beacon 2 = 435.548 MHz
Pwr 435 MHz Beacons = 1.6 W


Uplink 435.030 to 435.180 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink 145.975 to 145.825 MHz CW/USB

XE1KK reports working DC3ZB on AO-10 recently with 5X5 signals and some QSB.

Stacey Mills, W4SM, reports solar illumination on AO-10 appears to be way down and the satellite is nearly "comatose." W4SM can hear the beacon (with FMing) and can hear his downlink as well, but the signals are very, very weak. Things will probably continue to get worse during May and probably will not be any better by Field Day. However, the satellite should improve again later in the summer and peak in August.

W4SM has more information about the satellite on his AO-10 web page, using the following URL:

[ANS thanks Stacey Mills, W4SM for his AO-10 status information and web site]


Uplink 145.850 MHz FM
Downlink: 436.792 MHz FM

The satellite is very active, both on weekday and weekend passes.

[ANS thanks Michael Wyrick, N4USI, AO-27 Control-op for this update]


Uplink 145.900 to 146.000 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink 435.800 to 435.900 MHz CW/USB
Operational. FO-20 in mode JA continuously.

[ANS thanks Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK for his FO-20 status reports]


Voice/CW Mode JA
Uplink 145.900 to 146.000 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink 435.800 to 435.900 MHz CW/USB
Digital Mode JD
Uplink 145.850, 145.870, 145.910 MHz FM
Downlink 435.910 MHz FM 9600 baud BPSK
Not operational, the satellite is in JA (voice) mode.

Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK, tells ANS that FO-29 was switched into mode JA because of 2 bit errors detected in the digital operation of the on-board-computer. Software reloading into FO-29 from the command station is going on, with 40 percent completed. A new status announcement will be on released on May 29th.

[ANS thanks Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK, for this report.]


Uplink 145.850, 145.900 MHz FM
Downlink 435.175 MHz FM, 9600 Baud FSK


[ANS thanks Jim Weisenberger, AA7KC, for this report]


Uplink 145.980 MHz FM
Downlink 436.500 MHz FM, 9600 Baud FSK


[ANS thanks Jim Weisenberger, AA7KC, for this report]


Downlink 145.825 MHz FM, 1200 baud PSK
Beacon 2401.500 MHz

During the period April 16 - May 15, 1998, good signals have been received from the 145.826 MHz beacon. Telemetry has shown that the battery voltage has been rather low, with values between 13.3 - 14.0. No explanations of the changed power supply currents have been received. Internal temperatures have remained fairly constant.

A single WOD survey has been transmitted.

Three reports of mode-S beacon reception have been received, from CX6DD, N4OLN and HB9FMX/G4KAM. Beacon reception reports should be sent to:

In response to many requests for information about methods of decoding OSCAR-11 signals, a package of hardware information has been added to the satellite web site. The site also contains some software for capturing data, decoding ASCII telemetry and WOD information.

The URL is

[ANS thanks Clive Wallis, G3CWV, for this information.]


Uplink 145.900, 145.920, 145.940, 145.860 MHz FM, 1200 bps Manchester FSK
Downlink 437.0513 MHz SSB, 1200 bps RC-BPSK 1200 Baud PSK
Beacon 2401.1428 MHz.)

Operating normally. The telemetry is nominal. The S band transmitter is off.

Time is Sat May 09 11:20:40 1998 uptime is 1329/05:49:23.
Total Array C= 0.277 Bat Ch Cur=-0.015 Ifb= 0.058 I+10V= 0.278
TX:010B BCR:83 PWRC:59E BT: A WC:25 EDAC:C3

General information and telemetry WOD files can be found at

[ANS thanks Miguel A. Menendez, EA1BCU, for this report.]

DO-17 (DOVE)

Downlink 145.825 MHz FM, 1200 Baud AFSK
Beacon 2401.220 MHz
Currently non-operational.

The 145.825 MHz and 2401.220 MHz downlinks are off the air. Command stations are working on the problem.

[ANS thanks Jim White, WD0E, for this update]


Downlink 437.104 MHz SSB, 1200 Baud PSK AX.25
Currently non-operational.

WO-18 is in MBL mode after a software crash. Additional information is not available at this time.

[ANS thanks the WO-18 Command Team for this news.]


Uplink 145.840, 145.860, 145.880, 145.900 MHz 1200 bps Manchester FSK
Downlink 437.125 MHz SSB, 1200 bps RC-BPSK
Operating normally.

The telemetry is nominal.

Time is Sat May 09 12:12:33 1998 uptime is 1053/22:07:23.
Total Array C= 0.311 Bat Ch Cur= 0.089 Ifb= 0.012 I+10V= 0.171
TX:106 BCR:30 PWRC:333A31 BT:34 WC:35

General information and telemetry samples can be found at:

[ANS thanks Miguel A. Menendez, EA1BCU, for this report.]


Uplink 145.900 or 145.975 MHz FM
Downlink 435.120 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK

The satellite is operating normally.

[ANS thanks Chris Jackson, G7UPN / ZL2TPO, Groundstation and Operations Manager of UO-22, for this report.]


Uplink 145.875, 145.900, 145.925, 145.950 MHz FM
Downlink 435.822 MHz SSB, 1200 Baud PSK

Telemetry is downloaded on 435.822 MHz at 1200 baud PSK.

[ANS thanks Alberto Zagni, I2KBD, ITAMSAT Mission Director for this information]

[Please send any amateur satellite news or reports to the ANS Editors at, or to ANS Editor Dan James, NN0DJ, at]

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