Special Bulletin: March 5, 1998

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Ham Radio and AMSAT Featured in NY Times

AMSAT-NA Executive Vice President Keith Baker, KB1SF, has told ANS that AMSAT is included in a feature article about Amateur Radio and the Internet in the Thursday, March 5th edition of the New York Times newspaper. The article, written by John Verity, a New York Times feature writer, is contained in a recently added section of the paper called "Circuits". The story examines the links between the Amateur Radio hobby and the Internet, and how Amateur Radio and AMSAT have both expanded and exploited those links over the years. The AMSAT Web Site was included along with others as a source of information on the amateur radio satellites.

"Mr. Verity and I spent a few hours on the telephone talking about the continuing magic of Amateur Radio and what AMSAT has done to spark new ways of telecommunication over the years", said Keith. Keith is shown operating on the satellites from his "shack" in one of the two photos included with the story.

Keith reports that Mr. Verity was quite impressed with the ease with which we regularly communicate through our fleet of AMSAT satellites. "He was most impressed with the fact that we can, for example, communicate via one of our MICROSATS using nothing more sophisticated than a low powered hand-held radio and a flexible antenna," said Keith. "The carpenter's rule antenna material we regularly use aboard our satellites also caught his attention," he said.

Says Keith, "Needless to say, this story is great publicity for AMSAT and for Amateur Radio as a whole. If it sparks enough interest in just one youngster to become a Ham then it was well worth the effort!"

The story is available on the CyberTimes Web site at the following URL:

[ANS thanks Keith Baker, KB1SF, and the New York Times newspaper for the information that went into this ANS Bulletin.]

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